CBC Kids News Promotes Drag Kids In New CBC Documentary
CBC Drag Kids

In a shock to no one following the liberal craziness happening in Canada, CBC Kids News tweeted out their support for the new CBC documentary about “drag kids”. Yes, a publicly funded “news” station is doing a documentary on the exploitation and sexualization of children. Even more horrifying is the twitter account aimed at children and families is tweeting out support for this disgusting degeneracy. Additionally, the CBC Kids News website has an article on the show.

First off, let’s make one thing very fucking clear here. Drag shows are sexual by their very nature. They are not men simply walking around in women’s clothes. No, drag shows are men dressed in outlandish female outfits gyrating, grinding, and dancing provocatively for the gratification of other men. Drag kids, unlike their adult counterparts, do not have the ability to put on these shows for their peers. No, these underage children are acting and dancing in a sexual manner for grown adults to enjoy. Remember folks, enjoying some anime tiddies is considered pedophilia but tossing dollars at drag kids is progressive.

With that said, let’s discuss the absolute absurdity of the idea of drag kids itself. These kids should be worried about school work, playground arguments, and which Pokemon is the best. These children who haven’t even hit puberty have no freaking business worried about their sexual identity. So, you have to ask why are these kids dressing and acting this way? Where did they even get the idea to do that?

Obviously, this is the progressive end game.

First they normalize the idea of men chopping their dicks off. Then they push that idea onto every form of media they can. Lastly, they convince innocent children to get in on the act.

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Unfortunately for the progressive snowflakes, normal people are no longer eating their shit and saying yum. The CBC Kids News tweet is being ratioed pretty damn hard. The liberals have finally gone one step too far and it looks like we are on track to once again return to a society of normalcy.


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