Colin Moriarty And Chris Ray Gun’s PAX West Panel Inexplicably Cancelled
Colin Moriarty

Content creators and YouTubers Colin Moriarty and Chris Ray Gun had a room set aside, a name, some eager fans, and a panel called “Sacred Symbols” planned for PAX West set to take place between August 30th and September 2nd. However, for no real reason given the panel was cancelled by the event organizers.

KotakuInAction2 compiled the tweets from both Chris Ray Gun and Colin Moriarty, who informed their respective audiences on July 30th, 2019 that the panel had been cancelled.

As pointed out by YouTuber Chris Ray Gun, PAX West had approved the panel for PAX West for the duo’s PlayStation Podcast, but now the panel is cancelled.

Moriarty responded to the PAX organizers, asking exactly why they were removed and if he could have more information about the removal. YouTuber TheQuartering rolled out a video highlighting the discrepancy that the two faced, reminding people that the censorship from the Left is still well and intact.

Moriarty, however, followed up the original tweet with a couple of more tweets, explaining that he likely won’t be trying this again and pretty much presumes what the reason was for the panel getting cancelled.

Moriarty also did send a follow-up message and notified the community that he was looking into figuring out some way to get refunds to people who had purchased passes.

This kind of response isn’t actually surprising.

Conventions, conferences, gatherings, and almost all things related to the larger gaming community is controlled by activists who lean Left. Anyone who still isn’t guzzling the Centrist soy milk will readily note that if you aren’t touting the Left-wing agenda hard enough, you’re cast out of their political cult.

Moriarty and others will likely dispute this, but it’s a fact. GDC? They have teaching sessions there about communism.

E3? It was all about “diversity” and “inclusivity”, and even featured a prominent panel promoting Facebook’s social engineering program designed to disrupt both the hiring practices and game content within the industry.

PAX? Well, is this outcome not proof enough of some kind of agenda-motivated decision to remove a panel from the show with no reason given?

I’m sure if PAX does give a reason for the cancellation for the panel it’s going to be something nebulous and ill-defined, resulting in more questions with even fewer answers. That’s typically how these situations unfold.

(Thanks for the news tip CZ and RichardGristle)

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