Conception Plus Classmating Ritual Will Be Censored On PS4
Conception Plus Censored

It wasn’t even a day later and it was revealed that in addition to the touch mechanic being censored on the PS4 version of Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars, the game’s Classmating ritual sequences will be censored as well.

The news was made available via a post over on the Spike Chunsoft website, where the company revealed that the ritual sequences will be colored out and there will be no facial expressions during the sequences. They explain…

“During the Classmating rituals, the Star Maidens’ 3D models will appear as blue and purple (rather than flesh-colored) and will not have detailed facial features. The animation itself is identical.


“This change does not affect gameplay and no other content has been modified.”

If you’re unsure what the Classmating rituals look like, YouTuber RailTracer has some videos up so you can take a look at what’s being censored.

This is in addition to the touch communications mode being censored from the PS4 version as well. So it’s a double-dipping of censorship for all of you who chose to dabble your doogle in Sony’s playpen of creative suppression.

So months before the game was set to release, Spike Chunsoft had to butcher it up and down to accommodate Sony’s censorship policies. It’s a real sad day for people who were looking forward to engaging in some classic 3D waifu hunting.

Now the other big issue is that since Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars is also coming to Steam on PC, one has to wonder how much that version has been censored as well?

In Spike Chunsoft’s post they didn’t mention anything about the Steam version being left unaffected the way they did with the Crystar intro being censored only on PS4.

So what this means is that instead of making two versions of the game, one for PC gamers and one for PS4 gamers, it sounds like Conception Plus will be censored on both platforms when it releases on November 5th in North America and November 8th in Europe.

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