Conception Plus Will Be Uncensored On Steam For PC; Still Censored On PS4
Conception Plus

In a short update to their original July 4th, 2019 posting, Spike Chunsoft revealed that Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars will be uncensored for the Steam release on PC. The PS4 version will still be censored, though.

Gematsu picked up the news about the change from the Spike Chunsoft blog post, which was updated to include a brief mention at the bottom of the post indicating that the Steam version will be unaffected by the censorship of the PS4 version. It simply states…

“We would like to inform the community about a content change made to this release.


“During the Classmating rituals, the Star Maidens’ 3D models will appear as blue and purple (rather than flesh-colored) and will not have detailed facial features. The animation itself is identical.


“This change does not affect gameplay and no other content has been modified.


“This content change will not be applied to the Steam (PC) version.”

So yes, this means that Steam gamers will get the full and proper version of the game when it releases on November 5th, 2019 this fall.

PS4 gamers, however, will get the censored version of the game.

You can see what the original Classmating ritual looked like in the Japanese version of Conception Plus, courtesy of y2k2400.

The PS4 version will turn the girls blue and purple and remove their voices, similar to how the rituals were depicted in Conception II.

You can see what the changes are like in the video demonstration below.

So there’s definitely going to be a difference between the two versions, with the PC version being the true version and the PS4 version being the censored version. The PS4 version also has the Touch Communication feature removed. So that’s double the censorship on PS4.

This game is yet another victim of Sony’s PS4 censorship policies. Thankfully, Spike Chunsoft is giving PC gamers the true version of the game without said censorship.

(Thanks for the news tip Hiecchi and Delusional Denyal)


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