Creative Assembly Apologizes For Calling Arch Warhammer A Dickhead During Total War Livestream

CA Apologizes Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms was the center of attention for YouTuber Arch Warhammer for a time when Creative Assembly’s community manager became incensed at Chinese modders making mods for female characters that portrayed them in scant attire. This further angered Creative Assembly for getting called out for being easily offended over mods that didn’t even break the EULA but simply made the females more attractive. As a form of retaliation one of the content producers at Creative Assembly called out Arch Warhammer during a livestream, and now the studio is apologizing about the call-out.

In a Reddit post that was published on July 26th, 2019, Creative Assembly’s Grace Carroll issued the following statement…

“Earlier this week, a statement was made by a member of our team on a livestream that was not up to our personal or professional standards. It did not reflect the views of the studio. We apologise for any hurt or harm caused.”

What Carroll is referring to is the Twitch livestream from July 24th, 2019 where Total War content producer Wheels mentioned the following at the very tail-end of the stream…

“…And Arch Warhammer is a dickhead. Goodbye.”

It came during the sign off where they were thanking people for tuning in to the livestream. You can see the clip that was snipped below courtesy of whiskeyjack5691.

This all came about because Arch Warhammer had been taking potshots at Creative Assembly for being too weak-willed to just let the community make the mods they wanted and have fun.

Chinese gamers also were none too pleased with the way the developer handled the censorship of the mods, since many of the Chinese gamers complained that Creative Assembly dishonored their rich history by making the females ugly in the game. Chinese still value feminine beauty, which clashes with the current Left’s agenda since Western developers have been attempting to subvert cultural standards by making female characters ugly in order to repress what they call the “male gaze”, which is nothing more than natural sexual attraction between men and women.

Obviously Arch Warhammer didn’t pass up the opportunity to take a dig at the developer for escalating the situation to this point, when all of this could have been avoided had they just not censored the Chinese modders.

As Arch Warhammer asks in the video… what exactly makes him so hated? Well, it’s a pertinent question because even the users on Reddit were asking the same thing.

Since Arch Warhammer didn’t actually do anything wrong, part of the reasons that they claim that Creative Assembly doesn’t like him and why he’s bad for the Total War community is because he can’t go “10 seconds without channeling his inner Pepe”, because he “gets lore wrong”, and because he links to websites like One Angry Gamer.




When they can’t actually find anything wrong with the person they just call them “Alt-Right”.

As for Wheels, he’s moving on to another company. This has nothing to do with what he mentioned during the livestream, in fact, his punching down at Arch Warhammer came after he announced that he was departing from Creative Assembly.

Back on July 17th, 2019 he posted a series of tweets indicating that after spending three years working at Creative Assembly, he was moving on.

Credit where credit is due, I was shocked that Creative Assembly issued an apology at all. Most times when companies get called out they double down and throw all the typical invectives toward the people who called them out, but in this rare instance Creative Assembly actually apologized.

Of course, it still doesn’t solve the issue of the ugly female characters in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

(Thanks for the news tip Lucas Giglioti)

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