Dead Or Alive 6 Leak Reveals Seaside Eden Swimsuit DLC
Dead or Alive 6

Koei Tecmo is reportedly set to unveil the next big DLC offering for Dead or Alive 6 on PS4, PC and Xbox One, and it’s supposedly going to be themed around… bikinis. Yes, the long-awaited swimsuit DLC is rumored to launch thanks to some leaks of the promotional art for the next big DLC outing that’s going to be part of the second season pass.

There are some promotional pictures that have been floating around featuring the lovely cast of characters decked out skin-baring swimwear as a late addition to the summer festivities of 2019.

You can check out the images below.

Koei seems well aware of how much money they can make from this DLC, which is why it’s not part of the first season pass, but is instead headlining the second season pass.

According to those sharing the leaks, the DLC is supposed to be made available sometime soon in July, which would make sense.

As pictured in the promotional images, there will be 26 costumes available for the main cast of characters, not including Kula Diamond and Mia Shiranui, who are guest characters from SNK’s King of Fighters series.

In addition to the 26 costumes for the male and female characters, there will also be 12 new tracks added to the game featuring the vacation paradise BGM set from the Dead or Alive Xtreme series.

This has become quite the tradition for the series, since they also did the same thing with Dead or Alive 5, featuring crossover content from Dead or Alive Xtreme.

The second season pass will also continue a new costume set in August, featuring 15 additional costumes, and another new costume set in September, featuring 26 costumes, along with an additional character. Honoka and Marie Rose will also receive special bonus costumes, including a “Little Devil” outfit for Marie Rose and a school uniform for Honoka.

No price for the Dead or Alive 6 second season pass was made available at the time of publication, but the promotional image indicates that it’s a discounted set, so hopefully it doesn’t cost $92 like the first season pass.

While the overpriced DLC and lackluster offerings of the vanilla version of Dead or Alive 6 made it an almost instant shoo-in for an entry on the Get Woke; Go Broke Master List, it appears as if at least Koei Tecmo is properly gauging the market they’re selling their product to and willing to offer them the sort of sexy DLC that they crave.

This is the complete opposite of NetherRealm Studios and their sex-negative take with Mortal Kombat 11, where the women are ugly, the outfits are disgusting, and there’s practically zero sex appeal in that game when it comes to the female cast of pugilists. It’s a key difference between the East and the West, where Japanese developers at least respect and honor sexy women, contributing greatly to boner culture, whereas Western developers denigrate women by making them look like men. It’s a dishonorable practice by Western studios, treating women in that way, but thankfully we have Team Ninja to carry the torch in showcasing how to properly make fetching fictional vixens and give the fans what they want… even if it costs an arm and a leg.

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