Did Dr. Disrespect Show 8-Bit Eric No Respect? 8-Bit Eric Thinks So
8 Bit Eric vs Dr Disrespect

On June 27th 2019 Dr. Disrespect filed a copyright claim on a YouTube video made by 8-Bit Eric. The video by 8-Bit went over the E3 situation that got the Dr. banned from the event and Twitch. For those not in the know, I will give you a quick recap.

Basically, Dr. Disrespect was streaming E3 on Twitch and doing his usual shtick. The Dr. needed to go take a piss and instead of shutting the stream down like a normal person, he had his cameraman follow him into the bathroom. While there was nothing graphic shown on the stream it is quite an asshole move to film inside a bathroom. The legalities of it are a grayish area as Peeping Tom laws require intent and privacy violations require victims. Regardless, there is a high probability that he will be charged with a crime.

That brings us to the current Dr. Disrespect controversy, copyright claiming a video by 8-Bit Eric. Basically, 8-Bit Eric made a video about the E3 bathroom situation that Dr. Disrespect filed a copyright claim on. Now, the video is not overly critical of the Dr. nor does it even bash him for anything beyond a lack of etiquette. 8-Bit Eric made a video about the situation which he published to his YouTube channel. Two other YouTubers also made videos highlighting the situation between the Dr. and 8-Bit.

However, before the controversy could get any traction Dr. Disrespect released the video by 8-Bit. In fact, 8-Bit once again took to YouTube to update his fans on this on June 30th, 2019. Apparently Dr. Disrespect will allow the video to remain up but he will be claiming all the future revenue off of it. 8-Bit Eric is fine with this as he just wanted the video to be available to his fans. Yay! Happy ending right?

Well, it is if everything was as it seemed. You see, ever since E3 the eyes of the gaming press have been on Dr. Disrespect. Every YouTube channel and gaming publication ran a story about the E3 bathroom situation. Even the fine folks at One Angry Gamer touched on the situation in a E3 Recap article. So why the hell would Dr. Disrespect target 8-Bit Eric?

Well, I think the reason was given to us by Eric himself. In the video Eric posted about winning the copyright claim he mentioned another false claim he received in the past. This was a claim by the Fine Bros. and it resulted in Eric’s channel gaining subscribers. Furthermore, in the video Eric made about getting copyright claimed by the Dr. he slips up and says “look who we’re working with” instead of saying look who we are dealing with. If you ask me, Dr. Disrespect and 8-Bit Eric created this controversy in order to get Eric some more subs. Whether this was because Dr. Disrespect liked the way Eric covered his E3 situation or some other reason we will never know. What we do know is the events that transpired make no God damn sense laid out the way they are.

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