Disney Censors Stinky Pete Blooper Scene From Toy Story 2 Blu-Ray Release
Toy Story 2 Censorship

On the heels of releasing Toy Story 4 into theaters, another news story has been circulating about Disney having removed a clip from the 4K Blu-ray re-release of Toy Story 2. The scene in question that was censored involved Stinky Pete flirting with the Barbie twins, offering them a larger role in Toy Story 3.

LA Times is reporting that when they were going over the content of the Blu-ray release, the blooper scene from the ending was removed.

You can see the clip in question below, courtesy of Soundtracks. It might be best to watch it now before Disney nukes the clips from YouTube.

As you can see, Stinky Pete, voiced by Kelsey Grammer, is seen talking to the two Barbie dolls inside the box, asking if they’re really twins and then proposing to help get them a role in Toy Story 3.

Most Left-wing websites are claiming that Disney removed the scene due to the #MeToo era, and that the scene was removed because it came from an era when John Lasseter was the head of Disney’s animation department. Lasseter, back in late 2017, left his job after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced.

Authors like Mary McNamara are so accustomed to sacrificing any sense of entertainment for the Social Justice orthodoxy that she had to confess her past sin of having laughed at the Toy Story 2 blooper scene and then condemn it in order to reconfirm her piety to the Intersectional Inquisition, writing…

“But the quiet excision of a fake “blooper” that perfectly encapsulates part of the Hollywood mythology that has allowed women to be harmed by so many for so long without comment seems an enormous missed opportunity.


“For the record, I remember seeing that blooper on the first DVD release, and, though I am ashamed to admit it, I remember laughing at it.”

That’s right, you can no longer find things funny in movies that Cultural Communists deem as “problematic”.

It looks like Disney is also taking cues from the censorship Commissars, removing scenes from older films to accommodate today’s politically correct society, which is ironic given that they included an LGBTQIA+ scene in Toy Story 4, which garnered praise from Left-wing media, as reported by LifeSiteNews.

So they’re adding gayness to their films but removing straightness from their films. That should really get the bells ringing around the noggin.

What’s more is that if Disney is going back and removing scenes from Toy Story 2, expect them to also censor scenes from other recent films as well.

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