Doom: Eternal Is A Thinking Man’s Action Game According To Hugo Martin

Doom: Eternal has popped up at QuakeCon 2019 and today over 40 minutes of gameplay has surfaced with id Software’s executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin at the helm of the presentation. Martin, however, describes Doom: Eternal as “a thinking man’s action game” that calls for players to earn the “power fantasy.”

Thanks to YouTuber GamersPrey, you can check out the latest footage of Doom: Eternal. Martin is the player behind the demo and offers various commentary on UI, A.I., weapons, strategies and other elements in Doom 2019 alongside his peers.

You can check out the nearly hour-long video right here:

Highlights from the video see Martin explaining the varied enemies and how players must use different weapons and tactics to take them down given that shotguns and rockets aren’t the end solution to everything — hence making it a thinking man’s action game:

“We love that stuff [varied and enemy strategies]. I mean it [Doom: Eternal] is a thinking man’s action game.”

There are these things called skill-shots that allow players to dominate enemies. These skill-shots increase the chances of success in that it exposes enemy weak points:

“So by landing what we call a “skill-shots,” you can shortcut the A.I. and basically increase your chances of success considerably. So you got to learn all the weak points every time you meet an A.I.”

Thinking and learning are key things in Doom: Eternal as iterated by Martin yet again, where the compendium will be an essential part to anyone that wants to dominate any adversary:

“We’ll put an entry into the codecs. The codecs this time will function a little bit more like a bestiary. We’ll put gaming tips with each A.I. entry so you could read up on what their weak points are and what gun maybe works better against them, like with the case of the plasma rifle and the shield guys, so it’s cool that it’s the thinking man’s action game.”

And unlike any easy game that would make Dean Takahashi blush, players have to get out there and put effort into earning the very power fantasy in Doom: Eternal, with Martin saying:

“We’re not just gonna hand you that power fantasy without you earning it. I mean, you got to learn all those metas.”

If you are looking for a game that will put any man’s thoughts and power to the test, Doom: Eternal might be that game.

With all of that said, Doom: Eternal will hit PC via Steam and other platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 22nd, 2019.

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