Earthworm Jim Comic Nears $450,000 With Six Days Left On IndieGoGo
Earthworm Jim Comic

The crowdfunded Earthworm Jim: Launch The Cow comic book from Doug TenNapel is doing quite well on IndieGoGo. No, scratch that. It’s doing amazing. The independently produced piece of media has already surpassed $425,000 and is currently on target to hit $450,000 as it nears the crowdfunding finish line.

The comic book only has six days left over on the IndieGoGo campaign page, so there’s one last big push to get the physical release of this product finished and prepped for distribution.

TenNapel has been updating backers with additional information and videos highlighting the progress of the campaign, as well as livestreaming with other comic artists and creators to help further spread the word about the Earthworm Jim comic book.

The IndieGoGo campaign originally went live back in the middle of May and right out of the gate it surpassed $70,000.

TenNapel was smart to start the campaign directly after a games journalist tried to get him removed from the upcoming Intellivision version of Earthworm Jim, which led to a lot of people publicly showing their support to TenNapel, which then translated into plenty of people supporting the IndieGoGo campaign.

If Tommy Tallarico was smart he would bring back TenNapel for more than just consulting and have him work on the project full-time. This would undoubtedly piss off all the Left-wing propagandists who operate the large media websites, but it would guarantee that the product would appeal to a majority of normal people – the exact people who don’t like the Left-wing propagandist outlets. But that’s all beside the point, so I digress.

The Earthworm Jim comic book will be a physical release and will ship by December, 2019. So it might make for a perfect Christmas gift for those fans of the original or kids out there who have never been introduced to the classic gaming icon. We all know that kids could definitely use some more wholesome heroes these days, especially with the kind of degenerate propaganda being fed to them by major broadcasters like the CBC with their drag kids documentary.

Anyway, if you want to support something right proper for the comic book industry and to help rekindle some gaming nostalgia, you can do so by putting some coins in TenNapel’s coffers by visiting the IndieGoGo campaign page.

(Thanks for the news tip Earthworm Jim HQ)


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