Editorial: Extra Credits Releases The Worst Video of 2019
Extra Credits Nazis

On July 3rd 2019, the YouTube channel Extra Credits released a video that is sure to be the worst video of 2019 if not all time. If you, like me, had no idea who Extra Credits were before this video, allow me to give you a a little info on them: Extra Credits, in its own words, “take a deeper look at games: how they are made, what they mean, and how we can make them better”.  In my opinion, after suffering through several of their videos in order to write this article, they are the biggest “Hello, fellow gamers” channel on YouTube. Additionally, they appeal to the SJW types who only want to turn video games into their own political playground.

With that said, let’s discuss their latest video Stop Normalizing Nazis – Socially Conscious Game Design – Extra Credits. The video opens with the very misleading premise that you you will suddenly become a Nazi from playing your WWII shooter.

That’s right, if you play a WWII shooter game you will become a God damn Nazi! This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard and they don’t even try to sneak it in during the middle of their video. Nope, they let their idiocy and ignorance open up the video.

You could argue that what they really meant was that you would suddenly find yourself playing as a Nazi. However, the crappy drawing in the video clearly labels the player and not the game avatar as a Nazi. Furthermore, the words they use are very precise. Make no mistake, Extra Credits believes that if you play as a Nazi in a game then you will become a Nazi in real life. The rest of the five minute and fifty six second video is simply trying to prove their premise is correct.

You see, Extra Credits treats playing as a Nazi soldier in a video game as if it is equal to being a Nazi soldier. They act as if video game Nazis winning a PVP match or having equal stats to the allied side will somehow convince you that Nazis were not massive cunts. It’s just a game, it’s not a fucking lecture. Everyone knows Nazis are scumbags and playing as one in a video game will not suddenly make me think they are the “good guys”.

They further go on to say that playing as a video game Nazi will make you become so used to Nazi imagery that you will no longer recoil in horror at a swastika. That you will not take Iron Crosses or swastikas as warning to leave a website. Inevitably you will then read and start to think hateful things. First off, only a special kind of oversensitive bitch would recoil from a fucking symbol. Secondly, I have no fucking clue what kind of wild internet searches the EC crew is doing but I have never in my 38 years of life accidentally ended up on a webpage strewn with Nazi imagery. Lastly, if you did visit a Nazi website and found yourself agreeing with the stupidity they are espousing it is either because you are pants on the head retarded or society pushed you into that mindset.

Yes, you read that right. Society, as a whole, pushes people towards the extremes by telling those of us convicted of “wrongthink” that we are not allowed to speak. Society pushes people who teabag you in COD into the same space as skinheads then tries to blame YOU for being friends with the only people willing to talk to you. And make no mistake, when you call everyone who causes you some little offense a Nazi they will end up being embraced by actual Nazis. So, no video games are not going to radicalize people or turn them into Nazis. People like the Extra Credits crew are going to do it by calling those who disagree with them bigots. Like they did with this tweet from their community manager.

When people bring up concepts like “normalizing Nazis” there is usually no actual proof of their ideas holding any water. Furthermore, there is no proof of their ideas being anything other than completely fucking insane so they get away with making these ridiculous claims. However, in this particular instance we actually have proof that this is a stupid fucking claim. You see, in the mystical island nation of Japan, they don’t view Nazis the same way we do. No, they don’t think Nazis were the good guys but they do know Nazis were their allies and as such don’t just see them as evil incarnate like the rest of the world. In fact, many manga and anime feature Nazis as not only villains but also as the good guys.

Brocken Jr. from the manga and anime Kinnikuman is just one example of the heroic Nazi. With that said, there is no Nazi or Neo Nazi movement spreading across Japan. Why? Simple, most people are not as simple-minded as the Extra Credits audience.

The video also goes on to say that if it isn’t a 100% accurate representation of WWII, down to the most minute detail, then it’s not a historical game and doesn’t need Nazis in it. Then going by the Extra Credits standard noting is ever historical. No book, no movie, no play, no anything.

Sounds like Extra Credits is looking to burn the past and rewrite history according to their beliefs. Kind of like…Nazis.

I’ve wasted more than enough of my time talking about a premise that almost nobody agrees with.

Cheering for the heel wrestlers will not make you a bad person.

Playing as a Nazi or terrorist will not turn you into one.

Watching a movie where the bad guys win does not make you cheer real life criminals. The reason is very simple, those things are not real life. Real life is people like Andy Ngo being beat up by a bunch of masked thugs. The mainstream media and left wing activist cheering these cowards on, that will turn people into Nazis long before any video game.

TL;DR: For those who skipped the wall of text, let me sum thing up. Fuck you Extra Credits, you are absolutely wrong.


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