Electronic Arts Reportedly To Announce New Need For Speed Game This August

Need for Speed Payback, a game that released in late 2017, is the work of Electronic Arts and Ghost Games. Said racing game, like any other EA title, found itself in hot water due to its progression and bait crate system. Despite a lukewarm to negative critic response, EA is going to announce a new Need for Speed game in a few weeks.

Need for Speed games, especially the older installments, are racing titles that have found a place in the heart of many gamers. Yes, some people may not like them while others do, but no matter which side you’re on EA will unveil the latest entry in the long-running series soon.

Website gamingbolt.com has sat through EA’s latest financial call where CEO Andrew Wilson confirms the company will reveal Need for Speed 2019 sometime “heading into Gamescom.” You can read the portion from the publication site right here:

“Speaking during the company’s recent quarterly financial call, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that they would be lifting the lid on Need for Speed 2019 in the next few weeks- more specifically, he said that an announcement would be made “heading into Gamescom.”


There’s not much that we know about Need for Speed 2019 so far. EA has claimed that the racer will be “revitalizing the street racer vs. cops fantasy at the core of the franchise”, while the publisher has promised that extensive vehicle customization will also be at the core of the game.”

Whether you’re a critic of EA and Need for Speed or a fan, it looks like before or around Gamescom 2019 will be the announcement time for this new entry.

The true question that remains unanswered right now is, how bad will the Social Justice politics and microtransactions be in this new game?

Speaking of problems, last year EA and Ghost Games had to revise Need for Speed Payback’s progression and bait crates since a lot of people were unhappy with the two. In other words, REP awards, events, and other content had to go through changes, which I’m sure this new Need for Speed will be no stranger to at launch and beyond.

Lastly, August is reportedly the unveiling month for Need for Speed 2019.

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