Elune Launches For iOS, Android Devices And It Has Surprisingly Hot Waifus

Gamevil Inc’s Elune is a new monster collecting-RPG that features various playable characters who will party up across multiple dimensions in order to battle against evil. There are over 200 characters to collect, each with their own skill sets and combat styles for you to master.

There are a number of characters in the stash that caught me off guard because I was expecting typical low-quality mobile gameplay and character designs, but they actually have an ample stash of waifus available in Elune.

ELune - Wei Wei Poster

The general premise is that there are powerful heroes known as Elunes, and it’s up to players to collect these heroes to travel across seven distinct dimensions in order to battle against the legendary bosses.

Each boss in each dimension contains a number of rare items for players to collect that can then be used to outfit and upgrade your party.

Each of the playable character also have ultimate skills, which are unique, cinematic abilities they can unleash during combat. You can get a glimpse of what they look like with the teaser below featuring Wei Wei, who used to be an idol from a distant land until she was drawn to the world of Elunes, and now utilizes magic powered by a music studio.

I have to say, it appears as if Gamevil actually knows what will get gamers playing a game: hot chicks in skimpy clothes with powerful moves.

To balance out the hot chicks with bouncy busts, the developers also have the typical macho dudes to give gamers the heavy firepower with the masculine touch, this includes Baldr, with his big flaming sword, and McCarthy, an expy of Reaper and McCree from Overwatch… but without the gayness.

You can currently grab a digital copy of Elune from the Google Play app store or from the iTunes app store.

Why exactly Google allowed this game on the storefront but banned Winter Wolves from their digital store is beyond me, but I wouldn’t doubt it if they began cracking down on the sexy time games at some point in the near future beyond randomly bullying indie devs off the store.


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