Even Wu Assassins Can’t Escape Netflix’s Agenda
Wu Assassins

You would think that a show about a thousand monks who sacrificed themselves to embody a chosen martial arts warrior in modern times to fight against the deadly embodiment of the Wu warlods in San Francisco would be free of pozz right? I mean, it’s a simple martial arts tale… right? Wrong. It’s just another vehicle for Netflix to keep pushing their Left-wing agenda down the throats of anyone willing to be brainwashed by their propaganda.

Netflix recently unveiled the new trailer for the 10 episode series set to debut on August 8th, 2019 next month. The trailer clocks in at nearly two and a half minutes, featuring a rap song from Snoop Dogg, which should be a dead giveaway that’s a Western-made attempt at channeling an Asian martial arts flick.

But the real crime comes in at the blink-and-you-missed it 1:16 mark in the trailer below. Check it out.

Now you may have missed it but it would have been pretty hard given that it features a shot of a woman who pauses briefly before moving in to kiss another woman, just in time to sync up with the song that includes a female gasp and moan.

If you weren’t aware, the woman who initiates the kiss is none other than Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly alum Summer Glau. As noted by Collider, she’s playing the role of Miss Jones, opposite of co-star Katheryn Winnick, who plays Christine Gavin, the woman that Glau’s character lips with.

Wu Assassins - Lesbians

The big question is… why?

The simple answer is… propaganda.

There are going to be the typical Centrists™ trying to tie themselves into a diesel hitch to explain away why the trailer would include a completely out-of-the-blue lesbian kiss when 1) we have no idea who the characters are, and 2) nowhere in the story build-up within the trailer (or the official IMDB description) do they mention anything about romance.

So what was the purpose of the kiss if it had nothing to do with the character or story building? Well, it let people know that Netflix was continuing on in their “representation” agenda to keep pushing LGBTQIA+ relationships into media even if it doesn’t make sense.

Wu Assassins - Summer Glau

Now it’s possible it could be story related – a character that is possibly one of the Wu warlords who is a succubus of sorts, but none of that was conveyed in the trailer and they didn’t even bother to explain it. This wasn’t even one of those hot lesbian action clips either, where there’s like two hot chicks in a strip club making out or on a porn set, or something where it conveys that they’re there for titillation purposes. It’s two chicks in what looks like a boat dock, wearing casual clothes, smooching out of the blue, which feels less like tantalization and more like it was trying to convey some kind of lesbian romance schlock.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the lesbian relationship is as nonsensical in the show as it was depicted in the trailer; there simply to check off their diversity token on the intersectional manifest to ensure that they’re hitting those daily doses of indoctrination.

The ridiculous part about it is that they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. They lobbed a similar interracial lesbian kiss into the Snowpiercer trailer for the upcoming TBS series, and that, too, made no sense. The entire trailer is about the bourgeois ruling class oppressing the plebeians, and yet completely out of nowhere the trailer throws in a brief snippet of an interracial lesbian sex scene because… why?


Leftists and Centrists™ will attempt to deflect and prevaricate the topic at hand by any means necessary but it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here. The only people denying it at this point are those who are brainwashed and those who are doing the brainwashing.

I feel kind of bad for Iko Uwais because he seems to keep ending up in these half-hearted projects that don’t fully utilize his potential. In any other universe a team-up of Iko Uwais and Mark Dacascos would have been a dream come true, but given Netflix’s propensity for ruining the hopes and dreams of normal people, I can only imagine this will end up with a lot of “mehs” and middling user scores.


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