Everglade Angels Has Twitter Activist In Uproar Over Sexy Cover Art
Everglade Angels

The typical Left-wing Communists and censorship-happy social media addicts that have continued to impress upon every single form of entertainment media their degenerate desires and censorious requests, have targeted Blake Northcott’s Everglade Angels, denigrating the creator and the cover artist for the graphic novel, Leila Leiz.

As recounted by Bounding Into Comics, the activists didn’t know that Northcott is a female, so they attempted to basement-shame the writer and artist, in hopes of getting them to either change the art or for people to abandon supporting the graphic novel.

However, Northcott fired back by noting that she nor the artist are β€œTrump bros” and that she didn’t vote in the American elections because she’s Canadian and the artist is Italian.

Northcott then went on to cut a wrestling style promo to put the activists in their place.

Shortly after getting called out, Queen Anita Cox proceeded to protect their account. Like all typical Left-wing Twitter activists, the user has their pronouns in their profile, as pointed out by Scotti Mann.

Northcott would go on to pimp some of Leila Leiz very not-safe-for-work art that would appeal to any warm blooded man who enjoys beautiful women or soft-skinned female who adores cute chicks.

The horror-themed graphic novel is also being made in collaboration with Happy Death Day writer Scott Lobdell, along with Roc Upchurch.

The graphic novel is still being crowdfunded right now over on the Kickstarter page.

The graphic novel has accrued $14,700 of its $15,200 goal as of the writing of this article. It still has 18 days to go, so it’s safe to say that the attempt to smear Northcott and the crew only helped bolster the presence of the Kickstarter campaign.

The graphic novel is scheduled to release this fall during October of 2019.

(Thanks Gemma Ham)


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