Food Wars Was Censored On Toonami By The Standards And Practices Department

Food Wars Censored

Anime fans who tuned into Toonami’s airing of Shueisha’s Food Wars on Adult Swim were greeted with a big, fat, helping of censorship. This was like getting a thick, handful of grease from an overweight chef shoved into you face and told to “Suck it!”. Anime fans aren’t pushovers like comic book fans, though, and decided to rightfully question Toonami’s creators as to why the series was being censored on Adult Swim; one of them responded by explaining that the censorship was done by Toonami’s Standards and Practices department. caught wind of the news from a tweet that was published on July 14th, 2019 by Twitter user John Paul who shared a Q&A response from Toonami co-creator Jason DeMarco, who explained…

“I’ll answer this for future posterity: I have nothing to do with any edits made to any of our shows. That’s entirely in the hands of our Standards and Practices department. I don’t know why one scene may be edited and another may not. They tell us what needs to go, sometimes we appeal, sometimes we win the appeal and sometimes we don’t. Either way, complaining to me about edits won’t help you. Sorry.”

The answer comes from DeMarco’s page, and was posted up back on July 11th, 2019. It took a while for it to circulate to social media, however.

Toonami’s Standards and Practices department decided to censor Food Wars. But the big question is, what did they censor? Well, the show is known for its “Foodgasms”, with the food being so good it sends the characters into orgasmic delight. There’s a video compilation of what the Foodgasms look like courtesy of YouTuber Evelyn Alves Melo.

As you can see, the nudity is very similar to Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit, where the characters lose their clothes during the food battles, but you can’t see any of the actual details.

Given that the censorship has already hit Toonami, don’t expect it to let up. Usually once censorship takes hold of an institution it grips it tight, like a chokehold on creativity, squeezing the life and artistic integrity out of the property until there’s nothing left but a dried and decrepit husk of the mundane and uninspired.

Some anime fans have described the Standards and Practices department at Toonami as being the equivalent of the Ethics Department at Square Enix, who infamously had the developers restrict Tifa’s boobs in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake so that there would be no jiggle physics. In this case Toonami’s department removed hints of nudity from the show.

Your best bet is to get the original Japanese version of Food Wars where the superior subbed version will contain all of the encounters without any of the censorship.

(Thanks for the news tip Master Nemesis)

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