Garwulf’s Corner Returns To Medium While Lawsuit Against Enthusiast Gaming Rages On
Hatred Garwulf's Corner

Robert B. Marks used to have a column over on the old Escapist Magazine website called Garwulf’s Corner. The series ran for a time up until Defy Media stepped away and eventually Enthusiast Gaming stepped in. As a way to rekindle the old archives and bring back a small slice of the internet culture from the yesteryears, Marks decided to re-upload all of Garwulf’s Corner to

After prefacing the column with an update on the Enthusiast Gaming lawsuit, which has continued to drag on, requiring Marks to head back to the GoFundme well to keep the lawsuit alive, he goes into why the columns are coming back and what led to them being taken down from The Escapist in the first place.

Marks explains the whole complicated saga over on the Medium introduction piece, writing…

“I wish it was only my (often questionable) sense of humour that led me to this title for an introduction to the relocation of my Garwulf’s Corner archives, but I think it’s probably true.


“So, why are the Garwulf’s Corner archives now coming to Medium? Well, to answer that, you have to know about The Escapist, and the libel lawsuit, and the war I’m having to fight to protect myself and everybody else who had contributed to The Escapist alongside me from Russ Pitts (real name Christian Russell Fletcher).”

The piece details how after the lawsuit kicked off against Enthusiast Gaming over former editor-in-chief Russ Pitts labeling the former staff and community as Nazis that his column Garwulf’s Corner was deleted from The Escapist archives.

To retain some of that internet history outside of just the Wayback Machine, Marks decided to upload the series to The columns covered a number of hot button topics within gaming and pop-culture, including the public’s reaction to games like Hatred as well as creators using token characters in fictional works.

You can find find entries of the column on Medium right now, including:

After Marks recounts how Pitts managed to create quite controversy with the Social Justice vultures that leech off the meat of outrage and spread it around like diseased rats – all of which eventually led to Pitts stepping down as editor-in-chief at The Escapist – he goes on to talk about how Garwulf’s Corner was an antithesis to Pitts’ claim that the staff and community had turned into Nazis.

In the Medium piece, Marks explains…

“You see, Garwulf’s Corner proved that I and my colleagues at The Escapist were not the extremists that Pitts had made us out to be.


“But at the same time, whether Pitts realized it or not, it was more than that — it was proof that the entire far-left philosophy on how to address pop culture was wrong.


“It was proof that pop culture did not need to be a battlefield. It proved that all you had to do to talk about ethics in video game journalism was to just talk about them (as I did in at least one installment), and that if you came to the reading public on the internet with the intention to throw some ideas around, they would not only meet you half-way, but be waiting there when you came around again. You could have civil discussions about hot-button topics like the white privilege debate, sexism, racism, diversity, or harassment of video game developers. It proved that the entire founding principle of outrage culture — that you always needed anger to change things for the better — was wrong.”

During the first half of 2019 Marks was suffering from pneumonia and spent 12 weeks recovering. He was planning on re-uploading Garwulf’s Corner sooner but the pneumonia waylaid his plans, and then he thought about doing it after the lawsuit would come to a close, but the lawsuit is still dragging on. So he decided what the heck, why not just upload the columns now?

So that’s exactly what he’s planning on doing over the next several days, writing…

“So, what is going to follow over the next several days is the full run of Garwulf’s Corner on The Escapist. But, I’m also going to add some extras — included in this will be some of the unpublished installments that were in the pipeline when the column was cancelled the first time around, which had previously only appeared in An Odyssey into Video Games and Pop Culture. And, where necessary, I’ll add some new updates.


“And, most important of all, regardless of if you agree or disagree with my point of view in each column, please comment. I’ve also believed that the job of the columnist is to be the first voice in the discussion, and then to step back and let speak. We can have a marketplace of ideas in pop culture — all we need to do is try.”

You can read the Garwulf’s Corner columns right now. As for the lawsuit, the pre-trial conference is scheduled to take place on August 8th. Marks is hoping that Enthusiast will eventually settle matters and call it a day so that everyone can go back to their regularly scheduled life.


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