God Eater 3 Finally Arrives On The Nintendo Switch

God Eater 3 Switch

Bandai Namco dropped God Eater 3 on PC and PS4 back in February of 2019. The Nintendo Switch version received an announcement trailer back in April, but the game was pushed all the way back to July for its release. Well, after waiting half a year for the game to become available, God Eater 3 is currently available to purchase for the Nintendo Switch right now.

The game allows players to play either in the docked TV mode or in the handheld mode while on the go. The game also affords players to conveniently team up with their fellow compatriots and use their custom-made characters in some cooperative multiplayer action either via the local LAN play (which is a rarity these days, even on PC) or through the Nintendo Network mode where you can team up with people from all over the world.

The game also comes with an all new eight-player Assault Mission mode, where you’ll take on mammoth bosses in an attempt to slay some of the toughest Aragami around.

God Eater 3 is basically like a pawn shop quality version of Monster Hunter World. It’s not quite as visually breathtaking, and the giant monsters certainly don’t have the impact or breadth of the monsters featured in Capcom’s hack-and-slash title, but if you’re looking for some dime store monster slaying action that you can enjoy with a couple of friends, there’s nothing wrong with having a go at it in God Eater 3.

Apart from the hack-and-slash gameplay, you can also customize your character with new weapons and gear. Also, to help entice gamers to pick up the Switch version over the PS4 and PC versions – as if mobile compatibility wasn’t a big enough incentive – there’s also exclusive Tales of Vesperia costumes available. Unfortunately the only way to get your hands on the costumes from Bandai Namco’s JRPG was to pre-order the games, but since the game is already out and the pre-order period has passed, I’m not exactly sure how else you get your hands on the costumes outside of the pre-orders but it is what it is.

The Switch version will also come with all of the latest patches and updates for the games as well, including the 1.30 story update, which features new missions, new enemies, and more story content.

For more info on the Switch version of God Eater 3 you can head to the Nintendo eShop for further details.

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