Google Censors Independent’s Op-Ed About Biased Training For Judges
The Independent

A lot of people have been making excuses and handwaving away Google’s search engine manipulation and censorship, either claiming that it’s a “Conservative conspiracy” or that the censorship is just scaremongering by Project Veritas because they claim the video footage and actual testable results are “selectively edited”. Well, like in all cases of censorship, it eventually crosses over the political divide and hits Liberal allies as well, such as The Independent.

Help Save Our Sons picked up the news from, who discovered that the opinion editorial over on The Independent titled “Biased Training For Judges Still A Problem” that was published on May 24th, 2019 doesn’t appear in Google’s results if you search for the keywords from the headline.

If you head to the Google search engine and type “biased training judges”, there are no results from The Independent… not on the first page, not on the second page, not on the third page, not even on the tenth page.

If you check Google’s search archives for “biased training judges” for Google you won’t find the article from The Independent. It simply does not show up.

Hilariously enough, articles talking about Google’s censorship of The Independent’s article are on the first page results but not the article itself. The only way to get the article to appear is to search for the headline word-for-word, but otherwise it doesn’t appear in the search results, and even if you do search the headline word-for-word it doesn’t appear anywhere in Google News.

Some people might proclaim that The Independent’s piece is just buried under similar titled articles, but you’ll note that Google actually lists articles referencing The Independent’s opinion piece but not The Independent’s piece itself.

To further illustrate Google’s bias, Save Services noted that you can do a partial or full keyword search for the title in nearly every other search engine and the first page results (if not the first result) will be The Independent’s article.

If you check the DuckDuckGo search archive it’s the third result from the top.

The same thing applies if you search up the article over on

As per the archived search results on Yahoo, the second result from the top is for The Independent’s article if you use the exact same keyword search on Google, “biased training judges”.

The results are also identical over on

The archived search results reveal that if you type in “biased training judges” in Bing, The Independent’s piece is second from the top.

You can go to just about any search engine and the results are still the same… every search engine save for Google that is.

Even if you tweak the keyword search to “biased judges still a problem” you won’t find The Independent’s article in Google’s search results. You will find it on every other search engine, though.

However, it was pointed out in the Daily Caller’s report that under certain search terms opinion pieces have been completely axed from the search results if Google determines that the query looks like a question.

The article paraphrased and also quoted an example from the leaked changelog for Google’s update, where it stated…

“In one of the changelogs for the web answers blacklist, a Googler alludes to the blacklisting of all opinion content for web answers.


“’We are going to be removing opinion docs from all of newsey/political/sensitive webanswers. So, BLing any document that we consider to be clearly opinion is not an issue,’ the note says.”

But is The Independent’s op-ed really an answer to a web question?

If someone searches up news topics related to biased training for judges, would The Independent’s op-ed not be pertinent to that search topic?

Well, according to the search phrase “biased judges still a problem”, Google returns results as if it’s a question, and therefore no opinion pieces will be made available in the search returns, no matter how informative they may be.

But it’s not just The Independent getting singled out here. This is just one numerous examples of content being censored by Google that they deem unfit for users to see.

Lots of health sites have also reported being suppressed or their content censored by Google following two major updates to the search engine this year, resulting in many of them losing up to 90% of their traffic.

Cryptocurrency news sites have also been affected, with certain sites being shadow-banned from the search results, namely because Google classifies some of them in the same category as health sites with the “YMYL” tag, which stands for “Your Money, Your Life”. This includes financial related service queries or health related search queries. According to Google, only sites with “authority” should appear at the top of the search results for YMYL categories, hence why they de-ranked, removed, or suppressed alternative medicine sites from health-related search terms, as reported by Semrush.

But who determines what an authority is on a health subject? Is it consensus? Is it based on peer reviews? What about accomplishments in the medical field? For now, many alternative health sites noted that while certain sites are being suppressed, Google is propping up big pharmaceutical results in their stead, which some feel could be anti-competitive, or at least hints at signs of a racket.

But where does The Independent fall in all of this? Well, even though the op-ed wasn’t finance related or health related, and it wasn’t necessarily designed as an answer to a judicial question, Google could be expanding the censorship related to corruption.

Since we don’t know why certain sites and content are targeted, it’s still anyone’s guess why they’re applying the censorship in the way that they are.

However, as pointed out by the Project Veritas leaked footage, it appears Google could be following through with their plans to suppress certain kinds of information as a lead-up to manipulating the 2020 elections.


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