Graveyard Shift Vol 2 Graphic Novel Rakes In $25,000 In One Day On IndieGoGo
Graveyard Shift Vol 2

Jon Malin’s Gravyard Shift managed to become an IndieGoGo success when it was originally launched back in October of 2018, earning $106,000 and going on to ship to backers much to their delight. Well, Malin is back with the second volume of Graveyard Shift, and the graphic novel has already manage to rake in $25,000 after being on IndieGoGo for just a single day.

The initial campaign goal was set to $1,000, but Malin has blown way past that point already. If you visit the IndieGoGo page you’ll see that he’s already well past the $25,000 mark as of the writing of this article.

The pitch video is very straightforward, showcases some of the artwork, and outlines the gist of the story.

The comic follows the exploits of scientists who have become freaks of nature – supernatural vessels wielding unearthly power.

The second volume focuses on the return of Dracula in his attempt to take control of the world, and the members of the Graveyard Shift attempting to use their powers to thwart Dracula’s plans.

The art is visually captivating; luring in the eyes to canvas nearly every inch of every page. The seductive anatomy and classic 90’s style coloring really draws back to a bygone era when comic books were fun, flirty, and completely over-the-top. Something missing from today’s mainstream material in the West.

Graveyard Shift Vol 2 Cover

Also, check out the outfit that the chick is wearing. She has armor on but you get clear convex of the nipple around the armor, along with a nice, rounded shot of her tight derriere.

That’s the sort of comic art you used to hide from your parents when you would race up to your room and lock the door after dropping your allowance money on the newest issue of your favorite brand back when the men were badass and the women were heavenly hewn into the mind’s eye as liquid dreams during those heart-racing nights as a pubescent teen.

If you enjoyed Malin’s work on Richard C. Meyer’s Jawbreakers, or if you like what Malin and Poulton are doing with Graveyard Shift,  and you have a penchant for old-school comics with plenty of sex appeal and gore, don’t hesitate to flense the wallet and spare a coin or two to see the second volume of the graphic novel brought to life via the IndieGoGo campaign.

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