Hearthstone Cards Were Censored To Tone Down The Sex And Violence, Says Blizzard

The censorship of Hearthstone cards were pretty obvious in the latest update. The Secretkeeper went from being a shapely and voluptuous woman to being more hefty and overweight. The Succubus card was completely renamed and changed into a Felstalker, and the Eviscerate card lost all its blood. The toning down of the sex and violence in Hearthstone had nothing to do with ratings boards or regulators, and everything to do with the current culture at Blizzard.

Mxdown Games collected several comments from the developers who spoke to Left-wing propaganda outlets Kotaku and PC Gamer. A company spokesperson told Kotaku that the reason for the changes was because…

“When Hearthstone first launched, we brought in a lot of artwork from the physical World of Warcraft trading card game. In the years since, Hearthstone has developed a look, feel, and personality of its own that distinguishes it from that of Warcraft—though we still love being a part of that universe. We’ll always be looking for ways to deliver on the game’s unique style, charm, and personality.”


“The recent changes were applied to make those cards more visually cohesive and consistent with the art style of Hearthstone today.”

That doesn’t really explain anything at all. It’s a nothingness statement that just reiterates what we already know: the cards have been censored.

If are unaware of how the cards have been censored, or which cards, YouTuber XoneGamer goes through the list, showing comparisons of which cards the changed in the latest update.

However, it was lead mission designer Dave Kosak who spilled the beans, talking a little bit more about the reasons behind the censorship. Kosak told PC Gamer…

“We went back and really just brought everything up to our standards. It wasn’t because we were looking at ratings, or international [regulations], or anything like that. We really just wanted our artists to feel good about everything in the set.”

But it didn’t end there.

Kosak told PC Gamer that ultimately Blizzard just wanted to tone down the sex and violence put on display in the cards, with PC Gamer explaining…

“Kosak confirmed that some of the changes were aimed at toning down the portrayals of sex and violence in the game (although designer Liv Breeden noted that one card, Headcrack, was updated because it was just too dark and hard to read) but emphasized that the decision was driven not by external forces, but ‘just kind of bringing it up to the standards we felt really good about today.'”

Apparently Kosak also informed them that they’re not done changing cards, and some cards could get a rework down the line.

What this probably means is that more cards will end up getting censored. As some of you may know, this wasn’t the first time that Blizzard censored various cards in Hearthstone. As covered by Vara Dark, Blizzard has been slowly trawling through their stash and censoring the females of their cleavage and sex appeal.

Just earlier this year Blizzard censored Jaina’s card in Hearthstone. Setting the pace for the additional censorship that would soon follow.

The company is basically all-in on the whole Social Justice narrative, with Overwatch being a cesspit of degeneracy at the moment. But now it looks like even card games like Hearthstone aren’t safe from the puritanical eye of censorship that Blizzard is directing toward it.

And since they have plans on further updating the cards, don’t be surprised if any remaining cards containing any hint of female sex appeal will be censored as well.

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