ImaginePlay Digital Storefront Offers R18+ English And Japanese Games

ImagineVR has opened up a new digital storefront for Japanese and English markets called ImaginePlay. The new adult-themed outlet offers gamers both all-ages content as well as a section dedicated to R18+ content.

LewdGamer is reporting that the store opened up on June 20th, 2019 at the end of the month, offering gamers both standard adult titles as well as virtual reality games for VR headset devices.

The article also points to a press release that reveals that ImaginePlay will be updating their software catalog each and every month with 20 new titles. That’s quite expansive.

The distribution outlet also gives developers and publishers the option to make use of their built-in DRM services. So games can either be made available DRM-free or with DRM.

Unlike some other sites that only focus on just games or visual novels or doujins, ImaginePlay caters to a number of different clientele, including the aforementioned adult games, panorama CGs, mangas, animated films, CG illustrations, sound and audio packs, as well as other miscellaneous items that don’t quite fit into other categories.

They’re basically budding to become a one-stop-shop for all your adult oriented needs when it comes to fictional media.

The expansion of their VR line-up is also a top priority, featuring games like Tazura VR Special Edition, Kamimachi Site – Dating Story and VR Futanari Sexaroid Momiji Syrupy Sweet Prostate Milking.

They also have non-VR versions of the aforementioned titles for those of you who didn’t bother wasting your money on the gimmicky systems. It looks like ImaginePlay is seeking to get the jump on Top Hat Studios’ Hat Rack, which is due to go live later this year. They’re also giving sites like DLSite, Fakkuy and Jast USA a bit of competition in the adult distribution market. This will also be a nice alternative for gamers seeking out a bunch of titles that have been banned from Steam, such as Moe Reversi, which is currently available for purchase on ImaginePlay.

You can check out both the all-ages version or the R18+ version of ImaginePlay by visiting the official website.

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