Jacob’s Ladder Trailer Reveals Another Race-Swapped Remake
Jacob's Ladder

LD Entertainment and Will Packer Productions have released a new trailer for the upcoming horror flick, Jacob’s Ladder, based on the 1990 film by Adrian Lyne. The new remake race-swaps the leads and adds more of a horror-vibe to the flick rather than the mystery/drama aspects that swarmed the celluloid veins of the original.

Instead of finding actors to replace Tim Robbins and Danny Aiello’s roles, the new flick is about two caramel-tinted brothers who served in the Iraq war, one as a soldier and the other as a medic.

For anyone who has not seen the original from nearly 30 years ago, the twist to the film might catch you by surprise, but for everyone who is already well aware of what happens, the fact that a classic masterpiece is being churned out as a “diversity quota” rehash is probably just enough to make you sick to your stomach.

You can check out the trailer for the film below, courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

The film follows Jesse Williams and Michael Ealy’s characters as the former seemingly returns from the dead, but brings haunting horrors with him that begins to negatively impact Michael Ealy’s life and marriage.

Objectively speaking, the trailer is put together quite well. Once again, if you’ve never seen the original then you might actually think that the film is worth watching, but as pointed out by the comment section on the trailer, a lot of people just didn’t think that a remake of the original was warranted, much less was it needed to race-swap the story for no other reason than for diversity points.

Majority of the people were seemingly okay with the trailer for the race-swapped rendition of Jacob’s Ladder, but obviously a good number of people were not okay with it.

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Coming off the heels of the race-swapped replacement of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, it’s better obvious that Hollywood has no intentions of scaling back on their “diversity” propaganda, which is only fueling more unrest, more division, and pushing people toward a civil war.


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