Japanese Politician Taro Yamada Vows To Fight Against Censorship Of Anime, Manga
Taro Yamada

It’s rare that a political official comes out in favor of freedom of expression, and openly condemns censorship, but that appears to be the ticket that Japanese politician Taro Yamada is riding, as he has utilized social media and his outspoken love for freedom of expression to renew the vigor within the anime community in their fight against censorship.

J-Cast.com is reporting that the 52-year-old politician has gained a lot of support during the congressional elections within Japan, explaining…

“Mr. Yamada advocated against the restriction of expression including cartoons and animations, and has developed political activities using Twitter and video sites.”

The article notes that Taro was trending on Twitter recently as the votes were coming in. If you check his Twitter profile he’s definitely very appreciative of the support he received, especially without having the major financial backing and support of some other candidates. He still notes that he’s aimed at pursuing the freedom of expression on the internet.

This was reiterated by anime and manga translator Dan Kanemitsu, who recently worked on the English translation of Netflix’s airing of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which caught some ire from the Social Justice sector of social media because they believed his accurate translation was “gay erasure”.

Anyway, Kanemitsu noted that Yamada’s campaign ticket of fighting for the freedom of expression of anime, manga, and media really resonated with people.

Yamada definitely performed well in LDP votes, as noted in the NHK rankings.

However, retaining a seat as an elected official and actually lessening, reverting, or blocking censorship from taking old within the region is a completely different story.

Also, I doubt Yamada would be able to do much against Sony’s PS4 censorship policies, or other censorship measures that are forced upon Japanese developers due to coercion from forces working within regions outside of Japan.However, he might be able to help push back against censorship measures that organizations like the U.N., have tried to pass down in order to get anime and manga banned.

But we’ll see what he does and what sort of voice he’ll bring to the table in terms of fighting for the freedom of expression.

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