Jupiter Hell Is An Isometric Shooter Where Time Only Moves When You Do

Jupiter Hell

Polish developer ChaosForge announced that their isometric, roguelike shooter, Jupiter Hell, is scheduled to release on August 1st, 2019 over on the Steam store. The ultra-violent indie game is a throwback to the old-school 1990s titles like Crusader and indie classics like Alien Shooter, but with an interesting twist: time only moves when you move.

Taking a page out of Superhot’s playbook, Jupiter Hell is a futuristic, turn-based shooter where every move you make, the enemy will respond to that movement. This means that if you stand completely still the entire game, nothing will happen. If you run full speed ahead, ripping and tearing to pieces everything in sight, then things might get a little hairy for you.

There’s a very adamant risk/reward feature to the play-style dichotomy, and all of it is topped off with a pulse-pounding heavy metal soundtrack and a take-no-prisoners attitude provided by the voiceover for the main character. You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the red band trailer below.

So the basic gist of it is that you move around the map via square grids. Every time you move to a grid, the enemy moves. This means you have to time your movements carefully and take shots once the enemy rears its head, otherwise you could find yourself easily overwhelmed and outnumbered.

However, if your hand-eye coordination has been trained and elevated to the levels of godhood, like a real hardcore gamer, then you’ll be able to run-and-gun your way each level without worrying about missing a beat.

You’ll be able to collect a wide range of weapons as you explore the overrun base, where you’ll take on zombified crew, demon spawns from hell, and eldritch abominations from beyond.

The team has currently been patching up and fixing up the latest build of the game, which includes overhauling the HDR and other room-based lighting effects to ensure that it’s bright enough for people to see what they’re doing and where they’re going, as well as patching out any bugs that may appear during launch. They go over the basics in a Steam community post just ahead of release.

If Jupiter Hell sounds like the kind of rip-roaring experience that would best suit your entertainment needs, you can look for the game to go live on August 1st over on Steam.

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