Lawsuit Funds Being Raised To Sue Public, Private Parties Involved With Assault On Andy Ngo
Andy Ngo Antifa

Lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon – the same lawyer heading up the lawsuit against Google formerly on behalf of James Damore – tweeted out that she will be gathering funds to seek legal action against private and public parties who contributed to the assault and battery of journalists like Andy Ngo, who suffered from hemorrhaging after being attacked by Antifa, who had reportedly been mixing quick-dry cement in with milkshakes to lob at their ideological opponents.

The tweets from Dhillon went out on July 2nd, 2019 and consisted of a tweet-thread where she stated the following…

“In response to many requests, a legal fund has been started to raise funds for a lawsuit against both private and public parties who contributed to the multiple assaults on @MrAndyNgo (and others) this weekend in Portland […]


“If Portland’s leadership unequally enforces the laws, puts citizens in harm’s way, and enable vicious assaults, they should answer in court. And the criminal gang Antifa that terrorizes regular Americans and journalists may also see its members sued, its leaders/assets at risk.


“No assets, you say? No matter. If they live in their parents’ basements and are part of a vicious gang, let’s hope their liability insurance is up to date. While local, state, federal law enforcement dally, private free speech lawyers intend to pursue justice in the courts.


“Litigation is expensive. Someone is funding the Antifa criminals. Those truck rentals, flyers, fiberglass knuckles, chemicals, communications, bail money don’t come for free. Liberty lovers, please step up & contribute to make sure what happened to [Mr. Andy Ngo] won’t happen again.


“Oh and any seemingly solvent blue-check Twitterati out there who made false statements about whether [Mr. Andy Ngo] is really injured and whether he provoked the attack, check your coverage with your insurance broker, because you may get sued also. There’s still time to retract and apologize for the hurtful and professionally harmful lies. Let’s call it a Twitter hot take safe harbor. A brain hemorrhage and multiple punches to the head and kicks to the leg are no joke, and lying about it will not end up enhancing your finances either.”

Dhillon then links to a “Justice for Andy Ngo” public funding page where people can contribute to his legal fees to sue the assailants and those who enabled the assailants’ actions. If you haven’t seen the video, a clip of the assault and battery can be viewed below.

There have been some Antifa-supporters with an ample following spreading misinformation about the attacks, claiming that there was no quick-dry cement and that it was fake news, despite the Portland police publicly issuing a statement claiming that there were attacks involving quick-dry cement.

Actually, there were signs of cement being there beyond the police report. But the misinformation is being used to lessen the seriousness of Antifa’s attacks, but thankfully YouTubers like Tim Pool were quick to call out these Antifa supporters and put them in their place, citing that the police and witnesses were on hand stating that they witnessed Antifa using quick-dry cement in the milkshakes.

It wasn’t just that people made claims of seeing the cement being made, there’s also footage of it being passed around, along with images.

Twitter user Tara LaRosa even posted a short video clip of the mixtures being made in the back of a rented Uhaul truck, as you can see below.

There was also an article over on the Daily Caller, where they reported on the Portland police having posted up the recipe they gathered from Antifa members for the milkshakes they were using. Unsurprising to anyone, the recipe included both soy and quick-dry cement.

So now not only did Antifa assault an Asian journalist and attempt to justify it, there are a number of ideological agitators online spreading fake news to muddle the story.

Apparently, though, outlets like Fox News are actually joining in on the misinformation and even stealthily edited an article to remove any mention of the quick-dry cement, despite what police have said, what eye-witnesses have mentioned, and what video evidence has shown.

This is a bizarre timeline where facts, evidence, and police reports are being called “fake news” and “propaganda”.

Hopefully the lawsuit will help rectify some of the injustices that were carried out during the scuffle in Portland where journalists like Andy Ngo were assaulted.

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