Leisure Suit Larry Patch Censors “Instacrap” Scene Due To ESRB Rating Change
Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Dont Dry Censored

Assemble Entertainment recently confirmed that due to an age rating change by the ESRB, they had to go back and remove the “Instacrap” scene that led to the rating change. However, the patch that censored an “Instacrap” scene from Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry was global, meaning that every version of the game was censored.

The news was spread about the gaming community thanks to Censored Gaming, who shared the post on July 19th, 2019 from a Facebook post from Assemble Entertainment.

If the image doesn’t load, Assemble Entertainment mentioned in the Facebook post…

“We were forced to remove the game and change a scene due to a subsequent age rating change by the ESRB.”

When some gamers found out that the patch removed the “Instacrap” scene due to an ESRB rating change, they mentioned that it would probably be wise to purchase the European version of the game, since ESRB is for North America and PEGI covers most of Europe.

Unfortunately, Assemble Entertainment mentioned that the patch was global, so all versions would be censored, writing…

“This is a worldwide patch so it does also patch the EU version. It was in a Instacrap scene, one slide, so not a big issue.”

So what was the scene exactly?

Well, many speculate that it was the scene that involved Larry giving a demon fellatio.

A censored version of the scene can be viewed below.

Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Don't Dry - Satan BJ

Now some people might be wondering “How did the ESRB not know about this and why did they change the rating later?”

Well, it turns out that this scene isn’t reachable via vanilla means. It’s actually a special unlockable scene.

The secret scene can be unlocked via completing a certain mini-game, which you can view in the somewhat NSFW video below from Nig Sparrow.

The secret Instacrap scene was part of the collage of same-sex sequences featured during that segment. In the secret scene Larry gives the demon oral sex.

In the original scene, the demon is simply holding Larry.

You can view the Instacrap sequence in the video below from Nig Sparrow, which features all of the Instacrap sequences.

If I had to take a guess, the ESRB was likely alerted to the sequence involving Larry giving head to the demon, and the ESRB promptly changed the rating from ‘M’ for Mature to ‘AO’ for Adults Only, which is likely why they had to temporarily remove the game from the digital storefronts.

As noted by Censored Gaming, Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry is back up on the eShop for the Nintendo Switch, but the particular, offending Instacrap scene has been removed.


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