Light Of My Life Trailer Sees Casey Affleck Defending The Last Female In A Dystopian Future
Light of my Life

Imagine Children of Men fused with The Road and a hint of The Last of Us. That’s pretty much what Casey Affleck’s Light of My Life is like. The dystopian film sees a father trying to protect his daughter after a strange plague wipes out the female population, leaving him to defend and protect her at all costs, both from the plague and from everybody else out there who becomes desperate and unhinged at the world-altering event.

The trailer for the upcoming film clocks in at just two minutes, and presents a very bleak look at what’s bound to be a very tense film. It’s advertised as a slow-burn thriller, and trailer definitely depicts it as such. I almost feel as if a few too many scenes are also given away throughout the trailer. Some of the more action-oriented pieces should have been stored away instead of depicted in the quick flash-edit sequences. For a film like this, less is more. Even still, there’s a lot of restraint on display in the way the trailer depicts the film, making it look like a great dramatic thriller.

You can check out the trailer courtesy of ONE Media.

The aesthetic tone and color palette – with its rich green hues and washed out browns – reminds me a little bit of the way Debra Granik’s Leave No Trace, starring Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie, was shot and composed.

There’s also a lot of nicely captured wide shots in the trailer that helps convey the bleak atmosphere of Light Of My Life, which is deftly important for films that are supposed to be about the end times or the last breaths of a dying civilization.

This doesn’t look like an explosive flick by any stretch of the imagination, but Light of My Life could be a worthwhile film to scope out with a significant other over a rainy weekend while droplets rap wistfully against the window panes and a symphony of embers dance joyously in the arms of the fireplace. It feels like one of those movies.

Anyway, the movie looks fairly pozz-free, so that’s a really huge sigh of relief. You can look for Light of My Life to arrive in theaters, on demand streaming, and via digital download starting August 9th.


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