Lindsay Shepherd, Free Speech Activist Permanently Banned From Twitter
Lindsay Shepherd

[Update 7/26/2019:] Lindsay Shepherd’s account has been restored on Twitter.

[Original article:] There’s always a stark irony when headlines or descriptions of stories include “free speech” and “censorship” in a single clause, or when stories pop up about information revealing something being censored getting censored. Well, that’s sort of the case with free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd being permanently banned from Twitter after getting into a heated confrontation with a trans activist.

Kitchener Today summarized the entire affair, explaining…

“The free speech advocate and former teaching assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University got into a back-and-forth with a transgender woman, indentified as Jessica Yaniv, after Yaniv hurled insults towards Shepherd and her infant son, and made remarks about Shepherd’s genitalia.


“Shepherd says she deleted her own portion of the exchange the next morning, but the damage was already done.


“In a seven minute video posted to her YouTube page, and deleted Tuesday afternoon, she says she tried to appeal the ban with Twitter, but was denied.


“She says the result proves that ‘trans people like Yaniv are untouchable.’”

The actual exchange that Shpeherd had with Yaniv leading up to the ban was captured and reposted in video format by YouTuber True North.

The video points out that while both Shepherd and Yaniv both hurled insults at one another, only Shepherd was reprimanded by Twitter.

Yaniv got off scot free.

Shepherd also made a video about it, as mentioned in the Kitchener post, but it was later removed by Shepherd, as outlined in a post by One Angry Gamer’s own Tony TGD over on Kotaku In Action 2.

As pointed out on Reclaim The Net, this all started when Shepherd spoke out against Yaniv on Twitter over Yaniv filing complaints against estheticians, where the outlet wrote…

“In the days before she was banned, Shepherd had spoke out against JY for filing human rights complaints against estheticians. JY reportedly often contacted these estheticians using a stereotypical male name and image and was then informed by the estheticians that they only waxed women. In response, JY claimed discrimination on the basis of “gender expression and gender identity.”

The Post Millennial also had a report on the topic, noting and confirming that the ban is permanent, as well as explaining that in the aftermath Shepherd’s biggest concerns is not being able to correct misinformation being spread around online.

Shepherd told the outlet…

“Well, I am most concerned about the lies that can now be spread that I cannot counteract via Twitter. For instance, I saw an account tweeted that I have ‘sock puppet’ accounts. No, I do not have any accounts other than @NewWorldHominin. But I can’t correct that misinformation anymore.”

This is just more of Twitter flexing its Left-wing muscles to protect certain users while expunging others from its service.

(Thanks for the news tip Detective Pikachu)


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