Love3 -Love Cube- Launches On Steam With Paid R18+ Patch


NEKO WORK H’s Love3 -Love Cube-, also known as Love, Love, Love, has finally launched on Steam in all its glory. In fact, this is one of the few games that arrived on Steam with the R18+ patch intact.

You can purchase the all-ages version of Love3 – Love Cube- from the Steam store for $9.99. You’ll have to pay an additional $9.99 for the R18+ Adults Only patch, which is available as separate DLC on its own store page.

If you’re not keen on supporting Valve and their inconsistent policies when it comes to allowing adult content on the Steam store, you can purchase the fully uncensored version of Love3 from the Fakku! Store page.

Now the big difference between Fakku!’s offerings and Steam’s offerings is that Fakku!, has the R18+ already installed with the game, and it’s not sold separately. This is why the total package is $19.99 as opposed to the all-ages version on Steam being only $9.99.

This is probably one of those games where you’ll want to get the R18+ content because without it you’re missing out on half the game, which features fully animated Live2D sequences and illustrations, complete with jiggle physics. The visual novel also features full Japanese voiceover with English subtitles.

The story itself centers around a comic book artist who is out of work and is given one last chance at making something of himself by his editor, when he’s forced to move in with three busty women who will work with him to make the best erotic manga possible.

There’s a free demo available if you’re unconvinced about the title, so you can check it out first before committing to a purchase. Additionally, Neko Work H are aware of the crashing issue and will be issuing a fix for it as soon as possible.

(Thanks for the news tip VLOCKUP)

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