LoveR Could Come West, But Not If They Have To Modify Content
LoveR PS4

The PS4 exclusive LoveR is a high school romance sim, where you embrace the butterflies in your stomach, meet with a diverse selection of only pretty girls, and you snap photos of them in sometimes compromising positions. LoveR only released on the PS4 in Japan, and it’s obvious why. However, the developers want to release the game in the West, but not if it means modifying the content or censoring their vision of the game to accommodate the politically correct sensibilities of regressive activists.

Sankaku Complex picked up the news from a short article published over on Twinfinite, where overseas business developer for Kadokawa Games, Juntaro Kouno, explained…

“Of course, we’d like to bring this game to the west, but to do so we’d have to internally discuss and ask ourselves if we can actually release it, and if we should release it. We have to examine the content and the story of the game carefully.


“One thing is for sure: We want to release LoveR as it originally was created, without any changes. If we were required to modify or alter it in any way, then the option we’d have to consider would be not to release the game in the west at all.“

‘But what, pray tell, would they have to censor or modify?’ you might be asking. Well, the game is chock full of lolis, and we all know how America feels about lolis and shotas.

For instance, just check out the video below from こさたろす, who showcases one of the segments where you talk up a young gymnast and then get to see her in nothing but a bath towel.

The game is highly suggestive, but there’s no nudity or sexual content. But remember, the West is ruled right now by Left-wing puritans who hate even simple displays of affection, such as holding hands or head-patting. They’ve even gone so far as to have head-patting features removed from games.

So it’s easy to see why Kadokawa wouldn’t want to bother wasting time trying to localize LoveR for the West when a bunch of localizers will attempt to pervert a lot of the dialogue, or destroy almost all of the interactive features, which is what happened to Labyrinth Life on the PS4.

Of course, there’s the alternative where Kadokawa could simply port the game to the Nintendo Switch and launch it uncensored as a digital download with multi-language. That’s one of the solutions that Japanese developers have used to get around America’s Social Justice illness, and it seems to be an okay compromise for games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet or Omega Labyrinth Life.

Hopefully Kadokawa will explore the Switch as an option, because the PS4’s censorship policies would probably come down hard on LoveR if they attempted to release the game in the West.

(Thanks for the news tip FightSJWCensorship)


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