Magical Sempai Is Uncensored On Crunchyroll

Magical Sempai Uncensored

Crunchyroll rolled out the first episode for Magical Sempai, the ecchi-themed, fan-service heavy slice-of-life comedy featuring a clumsy magician and her nonchalant assistant. Originally anime fans were worried that the show would be censored on Crunchyroll, but to everyone’s surprise… it isn’t.

You can view the subbed airing of Magical Sempai over on the Crunchyroll website.

The first episode features a number of comical gags featuring the main heroine, oftentimes resulting in her baring her panties or showcasing her cleavage or her underwear in some form fashion or way. A lot of people were worried that the show would be censored on Crunchyroll because the company’s original trailer for the show was the censored version of the trailer instead of the uncensored version of the trailer, leading people to believe that Crunchyroll would either censor the show themselves or run an airing of the show that was pre-censored for release.

However, if you view the content you’ll see that none of the panty shots of fan-service gags were censored like they were in the Crunchyroll trailer.

There is full pantsu on display, multiple times throughout the episode.

>Magical Sempai Episode 1 - Senpai In A Box

In one gag the clumsy magician is stuffed into a box and has trouble getting out, resulting in the assistant opening up the box to find her upside down, legs spread, and her sparkling white panties completely exposed and visible.

In another gag the magician-wannabe attempts to perform a water trick that results in her shirt getting soaked and the viewers can see her bra underneath.

The one gag that was censored in the Crunchyroll trailer is uncensored in the show, which features the heroine attempting to perform a magic trick using red rope. She ends up entangling herself in the rope and falls to the floor, giving viewers a nice, clear look up her short skirt.

Magical Sempai Episode 1 - All Tied Up

This is good news for anyone who was worried about wanting to watch Magical Sempai, but were afraid that the show would be censored and butchered on Crunchyroll. The company did state that they wouldn’t be censoring the show, but the original content creators might censor it to make more money on the Blu-ray re-release, but in this case that didn’t happen.

To their credit, Crunchyroll did not censor, nor did the content creators.

So props to them for leaving the weebs alone to enjoy the fan-service heavy ecchi show… for now.

(Thanks for the news tip Mugen Tenshin)

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