Man of Medan Videos Show Different Multiplayer Choices Have Similar Outcomes
Man of Medan

New gameplay previews were released for Supermassive Games’ first entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology called Man of Medan. The two different gameplay videos give gamers an idea of what to expect from the upcoming choose-your-own-adventure horror title and how the multiplayer choices affect the outcomes in the demo… of which there are very little differences on display.

In the first preview from Cereal Killerz, we see how the choices unfold in a 25 minute video featuring the five cast of characters having some beers and talking about ghost stories before things get hairy.

During the first seven minutes the player gets to choose some of the dialogue and options for the crew aboard the boat. This includes some innocuous stuff such as whether or not to drink beer, and how a ghost story unfolds.

This feel good moment precedes a harrowing robbery that unfolds by some black pirates.

The demo sees two players taking on the roles of the different characters, making choices that may or may not turn out for the best.

Man of Medan - Best Behavior

During the CerealKillerz playthrough we see that he chooses to attack the pirates by circling around the cabin and holding the knife to the pirate’s neck. Things don’t go so well for him, though, and they end up getting captured again.

We also learn that the game also centers around an interracial relationship, Alex and Julia being engaged. This is just more typical Left-wing propaganda that we see in almost every game, every movie, and every Western comic. The sort of thing that makes normal people roll their eyes.

Man of Medan – Alex

On the upside, the game at least doesn’t shy away from the fact that the pirates are culturally enriched, and seem to at least apply real-world statistics to the representation of the villains.

The CerealKillerz video ends as the group are waylaid during a storm by the decrepit World War II ghost ship, which kind of comes out of nowhere.

There’s a second video that was posted up by IGN, featuring 19 minutes of gameplay from the same demo. However, we also see a dual-screen option where we see what player 1 is doing as well as what player 2 is doing.

Some of the choices vary ever-so-slightly in the IGN playthrough, with the order of the ungagging being slightly different, but many of the results still being exactly the same.

Most of the outcomes are exactly the same, even when some of the actions change. For instance, in IGN’s playthrough Alex helps Conrad fight back against the pirates, but the pirates still take Conrad and beat him up.

The only major difference in the IGN video is that Conrad gets his ear sliced after talking back to the pirates.

Man of Medan – Hostage

Things turn out very differently in IGN’s playthrough compared to the CerealKillerz video. In IGN’s video things get really ugly, really fast. Julia gets shot, Conrad fails in his attempt to apprehend the pirate, and they all still get captured.

We also see that during the radio sequence where the one black chick talks on the radio, the other player controls Alex and can either talk to the pirate or talk to Julia.

The outcome of both videos is about exactly the same, though. So a lot of the decisions in the early part of the game seem to be completely pointless and you still get wheeled along even when the characters become infirm due to bad decisions.

Overall Man of Medan looks like more of Supermassive’s style of storytelling and gameplay, which is to say that you’ll be given a few dialogue choices and quick-time events to bade your boredom from watching cutscenes all day long, but it’s pretty much what was present in The Inpatient, or Hidden Agenda, or Until Dawn, if you’re into those sort of games.

You can look for Man of Medan to launch on August 30th, 2019 for the Xbox One and the PS4.


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