Mary Skelter 2 Purification Videos Keep It Lewd For Nintendo Switch
Mary Skelter 2

Sony forced the developers to remove the Purification System in Mary Skelter 2 for the PS4. Nintendo, however, isn’t stepping between the developers and the ratings boards, leaving Compile Heart to include all the lewdy-time they want so long as the ratings board is a-okay with it. Well, Compile Heart is definitely putting that limit to the test with a series of new videos highlighting the Purification System in Mary Skelter 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

Sankaku Complex spotted a string of tweets from Compile Heart’s Japanese Twitter account where they previewed some of the Purification mini-game mechanics. You can check them out below.

The mini-games make full use of the Switch’s HD Rumble, so you not only get to fondle the young maidens until they’re clean and pristine, but you also get some tactile feedback so you know where they’re getting rubbed and when they’re clean enough.

Unfortunately you can’t just stay there all day bouncing and flopping the boobs and thighs around on the dirty young girls. You’ll have a limited amount of time to “clean” them as quickly as possible, which usually includes rubbing the areas of their body where the uncleanliness is located.

The CG images react and respond to the interactions, as showcased above, so you see their boobs, butt, and thighs jiggling and wiggling as you rub and massage them in hopes of getting them clean in time.

The mode was considered too lewd for Sony, and so they had it axed from the PS4 version via a post-release patch, which caused the game to break.

Nintendo doesn’t care what developers do as long as it fits within the regional ratings board standards. So Compile Heart is giving Switch owners the full Mary Skelter 2 treatment, without the censorship, without the cuts, and without interference from any Censorship Officers.

Mary Skelter 2 for the Nintendo Switch will come bundled in with the original and will launch in Japan starting August 22nd, 2019. The game is also heading West for Switch owners, too. So everyone will be able to get in on the action that Sony didn’t want you to experience.

You can learn more about Mary Skelter 2 by hitting up the official website.

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