Mastodon Blocks Gab’s Domains On The Fediverse, Encourages Others To Censor Gab
GAB Blocked

Gab made its presence on the fediverse recently, which is a decentralized social media hub. It’s supposed to be a solution that allows content creators and platform makers to host communities without having to worry about deplatforming. Well, the main fediverse hub that operates Mastodon have blocked Gab’s domains and isolated their communities while also encouraging others to censor Gab from being reachable.

Somehow even in the crytopgraphic world of blockchains censorship is still rife and ever-present. Mastodon made that clear in a recent blog post published on July 4th, 2019, where they explained that they are disavowing Gab and blocking its domains, with Eleanor writing…

“Mastodon is completely opposed to Gab’s project and philosophy, which seeks to monetize and platform racist content while hiding behind the banner of free speech. Mastodon remains committed to standing up against hate speech; for example, our new server covenant means we only list servers on that are committed to active moderation against racism, sexism and transphobia. The Mastodon community does not approve of their attempt to hijack our infrastructure and has already taken steps to isolate Gab and keep hate speech off the fediverse.


“Mastodon champions a free API ecosystem and as such all Mastodon apps are created and maintained by independent developers. However, Tusky (Android) and Toot! (iOS) have blacklisted Gab’s domains from their login screens. Gab users will not be able to use these apps to access or post from Gab. We do not currently know if any other apps are doing the same. Mastodon itself allows instance owners to decide which domains to block. Most servers in the fediverse are already blocking the Gab domains and we have done the same at”

This comes just weeks after a Github post was made by Laurelai asking for help in setting up blockades for Gab, both via domain blocking and via whitelisting. Obviously Gab domains would not be whitelisted.

Laurelai explained…

“Since gab likes to have gab branding. You can count on them to want to advertise the fact its gab. It should be fairly easy to detect that an instance is using gabs fork of mastodon.


“Blocking this and only this software i believe would be imperative to denying fascists a means to spread their ideology and deny them a means of funding to propel their project.


“If using their software means they can only talk to gab then theres no real point in them using it, funding its developments etc. It will also prevent so called “innocent” people from using the software because the reprecussions will be mass suspension and lack of federation, they will likely move to use non gab branded software just to have people who arent nazis to talk to.


“This probe and block should be automatic and on by default.”

Basically even in the fediverse they’re trying to censor free speech, using all the typical Left-wing buzzwords to appeal to the emotions of the uninformed masses to further support big tech’s overreach into what you are allowed to see, hear, and read online.

Thankfully not everyone was keen on jumping onto the censorship bandwagon. A few people mocked the Github thread and Mastodon’s response over on Twitter.

Gab has faced an uphill struggle just staying platformed.

Google, iTunes, and Mozilla all removed the Dissenter and Gab apps from their storefronts while Leftists championed the censorship saying it was just private companies exercising their rights. This came after the exact same Leftists told those on the Right to “make your own social media service!”, so they did.

After getting deplatformed from the browsers, the Leftists yelled “Make your own browser!”

So they did, and it’s called the Dissenter Browser.

And now Gab has made its own block on the fediverse chain and Leftists are still calling for censorship.

It’s a never ending battle to chase down a small slice of free speech that Left-wing activists don’t want you to have.

But it’s not all shotas and ryona in the land of Gab. The owner, Andrew Torba, made it clear that he believes lewding lolis is “demonic garbage”, and has moved to censor and disavow certain users and groups in an attempt to maintain a certain image for the mainstream masses.

Yet even when Gab kowtows to the censorship to throw the Leftists a bone, it’s still not enough.

But then again, this move from Mastodon isn’t surprising at all.

Mastodon creator Eugen Rochko is currently working with the European Union on their Eunomia project, which is basically a social credit system for the fediverse, which is due to roll out in the fall of 2021.

So even on the blockchain users still aren’t free from the Left-wing censorship that has pervaded Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Google.

(Thanks for the news tip The_Positivist)


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