NASCAR Heat 4 Will Sport New Tire Physics, Career Mode For September Release

704Games announced that NASCAR Heat 4 will be arriving in North America on the PS4, the Xbox One, and on Steam for PC starting this September. It will basically be a late summer offering before we prep for the fall season.

To get gearheads in the mood to grind some metal and burn some rubber, 704Games dropped the brand new announcement trailer for NASCAR Heat 4, featuring some of the cars you’ll be racing, some of the tracks you’ll be racing on, and some of the modes you’ll be playing through. You can check out the trailer below.

The upcoming game comes with overhauled graphics and audio enhancements, aiming to bring a more realistic presentation to this year’s outing compared to the other entries in the NASCAR Heat series.

According to the Colin Smith, the president of 704Games, they’ve been receiving feedback and suggestions from their most diehard fans over the years and decided to start incorporating those suggestions into this year’s outing, with Smith mentioning in the press release…

“Over the years, NASCAR video games have built a large and passionate fan base, and when developing this game we made sure many of their voices were heard. We have incorporated a number of features and improvements recommended by the NASCAR Heat community, and we look forward to delivering a better game to fans in September. And we’re thrilled to have two legends of the sport on the cover.”

The career mode makes a return, and this time players will operate and manage their very own team, and will work their way up the ranks from any of the four major series, including the Xtreme Dirt Tour.

The Xtreme Dirt Tour will also feature Tony Stewart’s Smoke Racing team as the top of the crop, where players will either attempt to move up the ranks to join his team or dethrone him.

There’s a completely overhauled tire model that’s been utilized to give the vehicles a more realistic feel, along with different physics for each track type, spanning the 38 different tracks in the game. So you’ll have to adjust to the curves, the banks, the inclines, the dirt, the weather, and the other racers as you attempt to climb up the virtual ranks in the competitive motorsports field.

NASCAR Heat 4 will be available on home consoles and PC this September for just $49.99. Not a bad price for a budget-priced AA title. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official NASCAR Heat website ahead of its launch.


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