Omega Labyrinth Life Heads West On Nintendo Switch, PS4 August 1st
Omega Labyrinth Life

D3 Publisher and Matrix Software’s Omega Labyrinth Life will be available on the Nintendo eShop and the PlayStation Store as a digital download for Western gamers beginning August 1st. If you plan on getting the game via physical release, you’ll still have to import the multi-language Asia version from since a physical Western release won’t be made available for the PS4 or the Nintendo Switch.

Gematsu picked up the news from a rather silent D3 announcement, which arrived just days before the game’s release. As noted in the article, the Western version will launch as a digital download day and date alongside the Japanese and Asia version, both which will be available in physical and digital formats, with the physical formats being provided by H2 Interactive.

Also keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is Omega Labyrinth Life and is fully uncensored, while the PS4 version of the game is Labyrinth Life and is heavily censored.

Censored Gaming made sure to remind people that the PS4 version is the censored version, with a visual chart guide showcasing the differences between the two.

Please do bear in mind that the media has gone over and beyond to ignore the fact that Sony’s censorship policies have resulted in Labyrinth Life being heavily restricted content wise compared to the Nintendo Switch version, which is – as mentioned up above – uncensored.

If you’re unable to view the image in Censored Gaming’s tweet, you can view the comparison below, which highlights that while you’ll receive better hardware functionality from the PS4 version, with the ability to have multiple saves, all of the fondling mini-games have been removed from the PS4 version, the growth illustrations have been censored, the Skill*Bloom system has been removed, the rock, paper, scissors using the girls’ breast has been removed, and the HD Rumble touch-features have been axed on the PS4.

Comparison Chart

Omega Labyrinth Life Labyrinth Life
Platform Switch PlayStation 4
Release Date August 1, 2019 August 1, 2019
Price US: $59.99 (Digital only),
EU: €59.99 (Digital only)
US: $49.99 (Digital only),
EU: €49.99 (Digital only)
Screen Resolution TV Mode: 1920×1080
Table Mode / Portable Mode: 1280×720
Frame Rate 60fps
*Note that the fps may change during the game
*Note that the fps may change during the game
Save Data One per account
*Save data back-up possible using the Nintendo Switch Online function
Three per account
*Save data upload/download is possible via PlayStation Network  by accessing through the in-game menu
Trophies Not applicable Active
Skill★Bloom System Illustration “Normal” and “Full Bloom Break” illustrations “Normal” illustrations
Effect Use the touch feature to play the game
*The EXP gained differs based on the touchable event results
Event skips after the “normal” illustration displays
*The EXP gained is preset
Size Up System Illustration “Size Up” illustrations
Effect Use “Size Up” to play the touchable event
*The object design of what is squeezed can be changed
Event auto-skips after “Size Up”
*The object squeezed does not appear in-game
Tit-for-Tat System Control the girl’s breasts to play rock-paper-scissors Rock-paper-scissors done using Labyrinth Life specific controls
Spa Event Illustration Each character’s spa illustration Each character’s spa illustration
*The amount of steam cover differs from what is found in Omega Labyrinth Life
Effect “Illustration Touch” “Illustration Scaling” available “Illustration Scaling” available
Flora Event Illustration Illustrations specific to Flora’s events Illustrations specific to Flora’s events
Effect Touch features enabled Event skips after the illustration is displayed
PTA (Pat Tits Action)
*Touch functions on the character illustration and reactions
Active Not applicable
Album Function (Gallery) View illustrations found in Omega Labyrinth Life View illustrations found in Labyrinth Life
Breasts Grows (to max)
*The breast size changes the character stats and visuals
Grows (to max)
*The breast size changes the character stats and visuals
Flat Grows (to max)
*The breast size changes the character stats and visuals
Grows (to max)
*The breast size changes the character stats and visuals
Lewd Breasts Like (Love) Like (Love)
Other Features
  • The content of the OP and ED differs based on the illustrations used in each of the game versions.
  • Select character voices are recorded to play on the title screen for Labyrinth Life after the game is activated.
  • The characters, character skills, monsters, items, story, dungeon, difficulty, and more are the same between both game versions.

Basically, if you enjoy being a cuckold in life, then Labyrinth Life on the PS4 is for you. If you’re a chad and you enjoy living life to the fullest with all its available features made at the ready for you, then the Nintendo Switch version is for you.

Come August 1st, 2019… don’t be a cuckold, be a chad.

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