Omega Labyrinth Life Trailer Highlights Boob-Jiggling And Rocket Rubbing Mini-Games
Omega Labyrinth Life

D3 Publisher released a new trailer for Omega Labyrinth Life for the Nintendo Switch, featuring some HD Rumble-approved boob-rubbing, as well as some explosive rocket action involving two hot fairy chicks.

The new trailer is all about the fan-service, and it’s completely unashamed and unabashed when it comes to the sexual hijinks of the upcoming game.

Sankaku Complex spotted the new trailer over on the D3 Publisher YouTube channel, featuring four minutes worth of content, which you can check out below.

The titty-rubbing mini-game sees players acquiring items that need to be identified. In most games you would acquire an identification scroll from a shop or from looting chests and use it on the rare item. In Omega Labyrinth Life you place the items between the breasts of the characters and begin to use the left and right JoyCon controllers to motion around the item, stimulating the girls and the item by giving it a boob-job.

When the girls are stimulated enough and the item grows, it will then have its identity revealed.

The mini-game can also be used on more than just mystery items, it can also activate… vibrant utilities as well.

Omega Labyrinth Life - Toothbrush

After we see some of the different girls with different sized boobs activating mystery items and electric toothbrushes, the end of the trailer sees two fairies on each side of a rocket ship, rubbing their bodies up and down the rocket ship until it lights up and takes off with the fairies attached.

The rocket ship exploding with delight is a nice touch after stroking the obdurate object up and down like painters stroking a iron beam. Up and down… up and down, faster and harder… just until it’s completely painted creamy white.

omega Labyrinth Life - Rocket

D3 Publisher’s unabashed take on fan-service dungeon-crawling is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch starting August 1st, 2019.

You can purchase the multi-language version of the game featuring English support from over on the Play-Asia store for the Nintendo Switch. There’s also a gimped version launching for the PS4 called Labyrinth Life, but you probably don’t want that since it’s completely censored… unless it’s highly requested by the son of your wife’s boyfriend.

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