Persona 5 Royal Trailer Focuses On The Sexy Form And Fighting Prowess Of Ann
Persona 5 Royal Ann

Atlus dropped a brand new Japanese trailer for Persona 5 Royal featuring Ann Takamaki, who is being voiced by Nana Mizuki in the Japanese iteration of the game. The trailer focuses entirely on Ann and her undeniably intoxicating sex appeal.

The first half of the trailer shows Ann interacting with her fellow classmates out and about, as well as her more solemn moments speaking with Joker inside. The latter part of the minute and a half long trailer then showcases Ann as her alter-ego, kicking butt and taking names in the PVC catsuit.

The form fitting, feline-themed latex getup hooks around and hugs every curve on Ann’s slender body, which is further accentuated when she uses her special on an enemy and manages to stun him with her charm effect while posing seductively for the camera. It’s a complete 180 compared to every single AAA mainstream Western game out there. You can check out the trailer below, as spotted by Gematsu.

The trailer actually cuts off a lot sooner than what its runtime might imply. You’re not actually getting a full minute and a half of Ann running around in that fetish-inducing zip-up suit. You’re actually getting about a minute even of actual gameplay and cinematic content, while the remainder is just logos and a reminder that the game is set to launch on October 31st, 2019 for the PS4 in Japan, with a 2020 release set in stone for the West.

A lot of gamers are also on edge about the re-release of Persona 5 since originally the first time the game came out Sony wasn’t enforcing its censorship policies the way they’re doing now. Quite obviously, a lot of people are now concerned that there will cuts and snippets and edits here and there to accommodate Sony’s censorship standards, especially after there were calls from the perpetually offended to censor the new character Kasumi.

Persona 5 Royal - Ann Stockings

Even if the game does manage to escape censorship in Japan, it still has to make it through the censorship gauntlet known as “localization” when it heads West. So there’s double the amount of worry that rests on the shoulders of gamers like a yoke on an aging ox working through a hundred acres on a hot summer’s day.

Anyway, it looks like Ann is safe for now, and hopefully she stays that way when Persona 5: Royal drops for the PS4 this fall in Japan.

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