Project QT Launches Uncensored For Android Devices On Nutaku
Project QT

Nutaku announced that their latest offering is Project QT, a mobile puzzle game from Chinese developers located out of Hong Kong. The developer didn’t include their name in the press release, but they wanted to stress that they were intent on providing gamers with the kind of H-game experience that they expect during this Renaissance of raunchiness of that has given gamers so many different high-quality options when it comes to indulging in this era of boner culture.

Project QT Launches Uncensored For Android Devices On Nutaku

Project QT’s developer explained the general gist behind the project, mentioning in the press release…

“We are a Hong Kong based team full of passionate, enthusiastic and innovative youngsters. Our goal has always been to create fun and cool games for everyone. We believe that games have the power to change the world, and that’s why we created Project QT. This is our first hentai game and we really hope that gamers will love it.”

The plot of the game is really basic. You’re essentially just recruiting a team of hot monster girls in order to help restore order to the world and raise it out of chaos and crisis. You’ll do so by completing puzzle challenges and unlocking hot and steamy sequences with your recruited monster girls along the way.

There’s a very NSFW trailer that you can view via Bitchute to get an idea of what the gameplay is like for Project QT.

Players will have to complete more than 80 different stages to unlock all 50 of the animated H-scenes sprinkled throughout the game. This is spread across 20 different recruitable girls and eight different monster girls.

As you complete the puzzles and level up your team, you’ll then take them into turn-based battle where they’ll get to showcase more than just their bedroom skills to you.

You can grab a free copy of Project QT right now for Android devices by visiting the Nutaku page.

Obviously you won’t see a game like this appearing on the Google Play store or the iTunes App Store anytime soon given how censorious both Apple and Google are, but you can definitely count on Nutaku to provide you with some adult gaming activities for your mobile adventures whether you’re commuting on a bus or taking a train. Just make sure to keep your bag or your suitcase over your lap so you don’t give anyone an unexpected banana surprise during your public transportation endeavors.


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