Rapper Tom MacDonald Dropped By Music Distributor For Making Politically Incorrect Music
Tom MacDonald

Rapper Tom MacDonald was dropped by his former music distributor for offending some of the staff and triggering the employees with his politically incorrect music. A week before his latest album was supposed to drop he was notified by the company that they would no longer be able to distribute his music. Thankfully, Tunecore stepped in and stepped up to save the day at the twelfth hour.

The news about the record being dropped came from MacDonald himself, who published a video on his YouTube channel on July 15th, 2019, where he talks for five minutes about how the distribution company dropped him at the last minute.

He explains that the company used multiple excuses, pushing the goal posts and changing the story while they were on the call with him, first saying that it was the cover art that was a problem, to which he exclaimed that he would readily alter the art once he got home and to just give him 15 minutes, and then they changed it and said that it was the lyrics in the song, where he objected to the suggested alterations.

He proceeded to ask what exactly was the problem with the lyrics, and the label said that it was in violation of the iTunes App Store rules. He asked for a list of the rules, to which the company objected to provide the list. He then asked what rule did the content violate? The company refused to provide an answer. After a while they later changed it from iTunes being the problem to some of their employees being offended over his content, and that they couldn’t align themselves with someone who produced the kind of content he did.

Now keep in mind that Tom MacDonald’s music has always been anti-PC. You can view his music video for the song “Politically Incorrect” below to get an idea of what his music is like.

As he points out in the original video, he noted that the company’s decision not to distribute his music was hypocritical since the company also distributed horrorcore, deathcore, and other kinds of rap music as well. Despite his protests and arguing about the hypocritical stance that the company has taken, they still decided to drop him.

This led to him and his fans being rather distraught over the outcome of the situation, and even managed to grab the attention of YouTuber TheQuartering, who did a video about the incident on his channel MidWestly.

The video also links to the typical Left-wing media outlets criticizing MacDonald for criticizing the politically correct culture that has corrupted the entertainment industry, news, and even politics.

However, despite the Left’s attempts to deplatform MacDonald – something they were able to do to many other politically incorrect musicians – TuneCore came to the rapper’s aid.

In a pinned comment at the top of the original video, MacDonald explains that TuneCore will distribute his music starting July 19th. In a comment published on July 17th, 2019 he wrote…



“I just got off a conference call with them and they promised to deliver my NEW SONG & VIDEO to ALL online outlets by Friday – and my entire catalogue will be made available through their platform in the coming weeks.




“FRIDAY 9 A.M. GONNA BE LIT! See ya here


“Ps. Anyone who been claiming this is a marketing ploy or whatever – go check the copywriter claims on my content. Then – check them in a week and see how everything has changed to TuneCore. FUCK Y’ALL”

So some people are still saying this was all a publicity stunt to put eyes on his music, but others in the metal scene are probably all too familiar with MacDonald’s position. In fact, a record label was shut down earlier in the year when payment processors were unwilling to align with the company after receiving pressure from a branch of the FDIC who basically labeled certain black metal record labels as “high risk”.

Why were the record labels hit with the “high risk” warning? Because certain people found the lyrics in the music they distributed to be offensive.

Antifa has also been regularly targeting certain politically incorrect musicians as well in order to get their concerts canceled and their music banned from stores.

Even completely innocuous artists like Morrissey have been targeted, with his albums completely removed from some record stores for supporting Anne Marie Waters’ political party.

So while it’s completely possible that this was all a publicity stunt, the fact that this has become a growing trend from the far Left to target and deplatform artists who either share politically incorrect views or speak out against the Left’s authoritarian agenda, makes it seem more legitimate than not.

As mentioned, you can look for MacDonald’s latest music outing to become available via TuneCore starting July 19th.

(Thanks for the news tip Treavor GornintheUSA Calkum)


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