Rebel’s Run Live-Action Teaser Trailer Brings The Alt-Hero Universe To Life
Alt Hero

Arkhaven Comics, Galatia Films, and Viral Films Media have partnered up together to produce the live-action super hero flick Rebel’s Run, which comes from the Alt-Hero comic book universe made by Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics.

Bounding Into Comics picked up the news recently after the trailer went live on Vimeo.

The teaser trailer doesn’t really tell us much about the story or the characters or the world, other than that a global justice unit is cracking down on “hate”, and apparently a character named Rebel is on the run. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

The trailer is just over a minute long and cobbles together a lot of stock footage, while giving viewers a glimpse at the actress who looks like the comic book character brought to life, which is how it should be when adapting fictional drawn material to the big screen. Disney and Netflix are basically showing people that they’re doing the opposite of that with The Little Mermaid and The Witcher.

Anyway, we don’t know much about Rebel’s Run as a movie, but we do learn a little bit about veteran comic book writer Chuck Dixon and the producers who are attached to the film.

As noted in the second half of the video, the film will be a fully independently produced super hero film outside of the Hollywood machine, similar to indie flicks like the 2010 outing Defendor.

They have plans on filming the movie in Georgia. The press release doesn’t mention anything about a release date or the cast yet, so we’ll have to see how this all evolves.

It is quite interesting that producers from Hollywood have taken an interest in Vox Day’s Alt-Hero universe, because it means that they see money in a traditional super hero tale that isn’t laced with all of the ridiculous, stomach-churning propaganda that has ruined Western comic books and movies.

The only hurdles they have to overcome now is getting a good cast together, making sure that the special effects and story are solid, securing distribution, and avoiding the regressive hordes who will undoubtedly attempt to get the movie banned from theaters and store shelves like they did with Unplanned.

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