Reddit Bans Honkler Sub-Reddit
Honkler Censored

If you want to “honk, honk” at the ridiculousness of today’s Clown World, you won’t be able to do it on the /r/Honkler sub-reddit anymore. It’s being reported that the parody sub has been banned due to violating Reddit’s terms of service.

Kotaku In Action 2 spotted the ban shortly after it took place, noting in a post that the reason for the ban was that it was due to “violent content”. This came shortly after the sub-reddit was quarantined by Reddit for the same reason. If you attempt to visit /r/Honkler/ you’re now met with the following notice.

This also comes shortly after Reddit quarantined the largest Right wing Reddit sub and Donald Trump support online outlet, /r/The_Donald/.

The quarantine was in response to what the Reddit administrators claimed were calls for violence against public officials. Proof of such claims were never provided, and many people pointed out that plenty of Left-wing sub-reddits also call for violence against Right-wing public officials but are never censored, quarantined, nor banned.

However, the obvious reason for the crackdown on these subs is that big tech are trying to clean up any sort of community outlets or web portals where dissent can mount against their push to rig the 2020 elections.

Google made no qualms about openly stating that they would be rigging the 2020 elections, and Facebook has also come out in support of cracking down on “hate speech” in preparation of the 2020 elections, as reported by RT.

As explained over on /r/Reclassified/, the Honkler sub-reddit was about exposing the Left-wing agenda, pointing out all of the subversion tactics being used in media and pushed by social media propagandists, as well as what was really happening in the world. As one of the commenters mentioned, it was too many red pills handed out too quickly. Hence, the Reddit administrators put to a stop to it instantly on July 1st, 2019.

It appears even comedy subs aren’t safe from the crackdown as more Left-wing tech outlets attempt to stifle speech and suppress dissent against their agenda to control information related to socio and geopolitics.


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