Report Says Fortnite And PUBG Stream Hours Have Dropped Again This Quarter

Despite Epic’s Fortnite remaining at the top spot of the most-watched title on streaming platforms, the game in question along with PUBG and Apex Legends are reported to have all declined in hours along with other games, too, according to a report listing.

Publication site reports on StreamElements’ latest quarterly State of the Stream, which shows declining streaming viewership across the “industry’s biggest battle royale games.”

The report by StreamElements — in association with Twitch stats/analytics site SullyGnome — depicts a decline from April through June for hours watched of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG across Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer.

You can check out the chart showing the decline in viewership regarding the games looking to be the apex predator on the battle royale scene:

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In case you are not going to look at the chart to compare stats and stuff, the listing shows that Fortnite’s hours watched were down 3.66% to just over 300 million hours watched. As an additive, this was the fourth consecutive quarter of declines for Epic’s battle royale title.

As for Electronic Arts’ Apex Legends — a game that hasn’t quite reached its launch peak numbers again — saw the sharpest drop of any game in the second quarter according to the report. Indeed, going from third place with almost 183 million hours watched in the First Quarter to out of the top ten in the Second Quarter shows the game has lost its stream viewership spark.

The last of the big three battle royale beasts is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — best known as PUBG. Like its counterparts, it also saw declines quarter-over-quarter in that it dropped 4.3% to 65.4 million hours watched and no longer holds the ninth spot but the tenth.

Although the thot infested Just Chatting and much older games are seeing an increase in viewership, it looks like the battle royale games on the list have faced a slump.