ResetEra Tries To Get Fire Emblem: Three Houses Voice Actor Fired
Fire Emblem Three Houses

English voice actor Chris Niosi voices the male protagonist in Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch. ResetEra is currently trying to get him fired because they’ve accused him of sexual misconduct, breaking his NDA, and abuse.

Sankaku Complex compiled a long list of comments from the ResetEra forum where they’ve targeted Niosi and have established campaign to get him fired from working as a voice actor over allegations, not unlike what #KickVic did to anime voice actor Vic Mignogna.

There’s also a Twitter thread that was published on July 20th, 2019 that gained some moderate amount of traction by a user going by the handle of Tara, accusing Niosi of all sorts of impropriety.

Niosi actually responded to the uproar by apologizing on Tumblr, as reported by GoNintendo.

The lengthy Tumblr post sees Niosi asking for forgiveness for his past transgressions and for the abuse he committed against others, with the opening statement reading…

“My name is Christopher Niosi; also known as Kirbopher. I am 30 years old and for about half of my lifetime, I have horribly mistreated and abused friends, colleagues and even my significant others. It is time that I addressed each and every one of those people and responded to their feelings with individual apologies for what I’ve done to hurt them. This will be a masterpost containing all of the appropriate posts in one location, so that the people they have been written for, along with anyone else who wishes to read them, can easily access the information.”

As noted in the GoNintendo piece, Nintendo has not responded to the calls for Niosi’s firing from ResetEra or Twitter activists.

This is all common practice at this point, where some fringe group on the internet gets offended about something someone did in the past and attempts to get them fired over it. They also did something similar with Devil May Cry 5 voice actor Reuben Langdon, where outlets like Eurogamer, Newsweek, and ResetEra attempted to ruin his career and smear his name.

We’ll see if Nintendo holds out against outrage culture or if they will bite the bait and ruin Niosi’s career on behalf of outrage cultists.

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