Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling On Netflix Will Feature LGBTQ Themes
Rocko's Modern Life

Fans had their hopes dashed for a good reboot of Rocko’s Modern Life early on. It happened in an unexpected way, almost like being sideswiped by a flying cherub in a fleeting dream; it was an unreal revelation. It took place shortly after Netflix announced that a new movie based on the popular 1990s show was in the works, and fans recognized it once they landed on the Netflix page and saw the startling reveal with their own eyes.

There’s an archive of the Netflix title, and right there in the genre tags it reveals that Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling is an “LGBTQ Film”.

Confounding paranoia washed over fans with the same sense of defeat and disparagement that Liberals felt when they saw that America was going to be made great again back in late 2016. However, unlike the 2016’ers, the Rocko’s Modern Life troupe held out hope that maybe the genre tag on the Netflix page was a mistake. Surely a movie categorized as a “family film” and for “children” wouldn’t include LGBTQIA+ themes? Would it?

Well, all sense of doubt was chiseled away in an Esquire piece that was published on June 27th, 2019, where under no uncertain terms it was revealed that the upcoming movie will, indeed, fully embrace LGBTQIA+ themes.

The article starts with a recap of an episode about discrimination against clowns being used as a euphemism for coming out as gay.

The writers confirmed to Esquire that they did indeed use clowns as a means to tackle LGBTQIA+ themes in the original episode “Closet Clown” that aired in 1996 on Nickelodeon.

Later in the article they reveal that the new movie is being made in collaboration with the LGBTQIA+ organization GLAAD. Joe Murray, the series creator, told Esquire…

“There’s a definite turn in the episode that we had an advisor from GLAAD work with us closely on it so that we get it right. It was actually embraced by the network – they knew we were doing it, so we’ve come a long way.


“[GLAAD] loved the way that we approached it. I’m really happy about it.” […] “It’s completely open. We’re not even trying to hide it.”

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

While a number of Centrists™ will still try to make the excuse that people are just rummaging through the sociopolitical refuse for something to be angry about, the series’ creator is openly saying that they will be promoting their agenda in the new movie with no inhibitions.

Esquire even noted that GLAAD representatives apparently were eyeing the movie’s production and storyboard to ensure it met their standards, writing…

“Murray says that at least two representatives of the LGBT media-monitoring organization were present for each major stage of production – from reading the outline to looking at the storyboards to viewing the final film.”

The biggest tell of this whole agenda-pushing nonsense is that no one will be able to explain to you why a single digit percentage of people who engage in a sexual fetish need to be broadcast in such a widespread way across children’s media?


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