Sakura no Mori Dreamers, Horror Visual Novel Is Headed To MangaGamer
Sakura no mori

One of the three games set to arrive on the MangaGamer storefront is Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, a horror visual novel that came out in Japan back in 2016. The visual novel is now set to make its English language debut in the West courtesy of MangaGamer.

The adult distribution outlet let the news fly loose in a recent blog post following their attendance at Otakon 2019, where they announced that three new titles had been acquired and would be making their way West for sale on the MangaGamer storefront.

Players follow Shinji, who developers the ability to see ghosts. One day he discovers the ghost of a murdered classmate and attempts to help her find peace. Only, the more he investigates her death the more the city comes under a frightening spell of terror from monsters and ghosts. The horror-mystery game from MoonStone sees Shinji and his friends attempting to survive their own dreams and overcome the horrors unleashed on the city.

The opening movie definitely gives you an idea of what kind of visual novel it is and what you can expect from the story.

It will also be joined by Lunasoft’s Magic & Slash – Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure!, which is set to launch on the MangaGamer store as well.

Unlike Sakuro no Mori, this is more of a hack-and-slash adventure where you attempt to evade monsters and avoid Riru from succumbing to the uncouth desires of the dungeon’s lecherous fiends.

You’ll need to acquire and equip various combinations of abilities and spells while defeating enemies along the way.

There are no trailers provided in the blog post, but Lewdgamer has some NSFW images from the title and it looks like there’s a lot of loli action to go around.

These titles will join the previously announced Sengoku Rance, which is also scheduled to launch on MangaGamer this September.


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