Samurai Shodown’s Sex Appeal Was Added For The Fans, Says Oda

Samurai Shodown Sex Appeal

Some of you may have noticed that Samurai Shodown for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch has moved in the opposite direction to every single AAA Western title out there: it features sex appeal for the male and female characters. While games like Mortal Kombat 11 purposefully de-sexualized the females, SNK went in the other direction, offering gamers something tasty to tantalize one’s eyes in Samurai Shodown.

Speaking to Polygon, producer Yasuyuki Oda was asked about the sexualization of the female characters in Samurai Shodown, and Oda responded in the best way possible, saying…

“There are obviously going to be people that are critical about these types of things. But the fans really wanted characters like Shiki. They wanted characters like [male fighter] Yoshitora, you know? A very sexy playboy. So it might seem like it clashes with what we originally had in the early games, but each game is its own different iteration of a series. We decided that these are characters that people want, so we’re going to put them in the game.”

That makes sense.

The answer from Oda was prefaced by Polygon with the outlet noting that Charlotte’s thighs are exposed, and Shiki is sexualized to the point where it stands out more now than it did in previous games thanks to the updated shaders and enhanced graphics engine afforded by the Unreal Engine 4.

Even Polygon’s tweet attempted to take an approach of shaming Oda for the female character designs for being “oddly overly-sexualized”.

Thankfully, most people didn’t bite the bait, and criticized Polygon for their neo-puritan, anti-hetero stance.

Thankfully it sounds like SNK is listening to the actual fans and not the propagandists who are trying to ruin Japanese companies and make gamers hate games.

Samurai Shodown - Shiki

Every major media outlet is basically against gamers and female sex appeal that attracts straight men. They constantly go on and on about respecting women and the “male gaze”, and “feminism”, and other degenerate topics that have done nothing but ruin games, art, and movies. But seeing Oda speak out and defend their art in Samurai Shodown is refreshing. Seeing people take Polygon to task is even more uplifting, because it means not everyone wants to become an anti-hetero, male-feminist degenerate.

You can grab Samurai Shodown for the Xbox One and PS4 right now from local retailers such as GameStop or Amazon, or you can wait for this winter to pick up a copy for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam for PC.