Scar Jo Says The Future Is Female For The MCU: Fans Say No Thanks But I Say They Will Still Support The MCU
MCU Is Female

After coming under criticism from the “progressive” left for her stance on an actor’s ability to play any role Scarlett Johansson quickly apologized. Now, in what seems like an effort to return to their good graces, she has made the claim to Entertainment Tonight [via Cosmic Book News] that “The future is female for Marvel, that’s what it feels like”. This has obviously pissed off long time Marvel fans, as most of the classic characters they know and love are not female.

Characters like Moon Knight, Wonder Man, and Hercules have yet to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is in spite of huge demand from Marvel fans. Yet, the brains behind the MCU feel that pushing characters no one cares about or actively despises is the best way to move forward for the MCU. They obviously feel like fans of the MCU will watch no matter what and I for one have to reluctantly agree with that assessment.

You see, the truth is Marvel fans will go to the theaters in droves for any Marvel movie for two very important reasons. First off, fans of Marvel know that if the MCU tanks then those heroes they are desperately waiting to see on the big screen will never get a chance. Marvel is counting on this and it is exactly why the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will be put off until all of their SJW projects are made.

The second reason and probably the one most people will fall back on is the simple fact that most MCU fans are not comic book fans. Die hard Marvel comic fans probably make up just under 45% of the total MCU fans. Most MCU fans are simply people trying to jump on the “cool thing” bandwagon. This is the same reason why Star Wars movies continue to make loads of money despite dropping in quality. The things that were geeky 20 years ago are now the cool thing and normies will continue to flock to them like good little drones. So, as pissed off as you might be for what Johansson said, the sad truth is she is right because most of you will bitch and moan all the way to the theater.


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