SF, Glass, And New Glass Getting English Releases Thanks To Denpasoft

New Glass

Coming out of this year’s Anime Expo, Denpasoft announced that additional niche Japanese titles will be receiving English and Chinese translations for a Western release. This includes SF, Glass and New Glass from T Japan, as well as The Secret Atelier from KENZsoft called The Secret Atelier.

The news was made public via a post over on the Steam community thread by Denpasoft, who wrote…

“We’ve teamed up with t japan to bring all three of their releases to the west officially! You may have heard of them before, but here’s what they’ve created: SF – Glass – New Glass. We’re going to start working on these very soon! Keep an eye out and look forward to it~ As for some other details: It will be in English and Chinese language and we’re still confirming with the dev if the releases will be with or without mosaic. We plan to release the titles from t japan on Denpasoft first.”

The T Japan titles are currently already available for purchase on adult digital distributor storefronts from Japan.

As pointed out by Reddit user Mich-666, you can pick up a digital copies of t Japan’s titles from the NSFW DLSite storefront, which includes SF, Glass, and New Glass.

These aren’t necessarily games per se, but rather visual novels with minor scene control for the animations.

There’s a NSFW trailer from Chobit.cc that gives you an idea of what t Japan’s titles are like. You’ll find the SFW version of the New Glass trailer below.

Previously, SakuraGamer attempted to release the games onto Steam without proper permission from T Japan’s developer Tetsuzo, which caused some controversy. However, it looks like Denpasoft is going through the proper channels to get the games up and out on Steam.

It appears as if Tetsuzo decided to sign a proper deal with Denpasoft, and so now we’ll see the T Japan titles make their way to Denpasoft’s digital storefront as well as potential releases on Steam.